Summer Eye Makeup 💙

I have become a big fan of pop eye makeup as it makes me look less tired in spite of the heat.
💙 Well, Summer is the time to experiment with cool colours like BLUE, even in makeup!
Here is a quick summer special eye makeup tutorial that will make you hold all attention, no matter where you go.

Sayanti Banerjee





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Easter Special Treat👯

There is something cute about Easter, the bunnies? They bring out the child in you. That is how I and my friends felt while enjoying a Special Easter Sunday brunch at the Holiday Inn. The food is a treat for your mood as well!!!

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Hair Magic Unveiled

I always thought that being a Bengali, I am blessed with good hair. To change my hairstyle,  I either get a hair cut or colour. But for once I tried the flash points at the Advanced Hair Studio and now I know the difference. Here’s the head turning story.

DSCN1859 (Small)

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While in our hectic lifestyle we eat to live, when it comes to eating out- we live to eat!
So catching up with friends over food at a restaurant or having a dinner date becomes extra special. Time seems to stop for once as you savour your food, relish a drink and soak in the experience of a happy ambiance.
This is how I felt today while enjoying a meal with my friends at the newly launched GLOकAL  Junction in worli.


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☉ How to refresh your Summer Skincare 😎

Change is the only thing that is constant in life. While the season changes from winter to summer, the skin too starts looking and feeling different. So while you update your fashion wardrobe with the spring summer collection, make sure to refresh your skincare regime as well.

I met the popular dermatologist Dr Apratim Goel at her clinic Cutis Skin Studio in Bandra.

Here’s what I learnt from the expert herself.
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Want Celeb like bikini bod this summer?

Now is the time to sweat it out! Specially, for those who feel lazy to exercise…

I personally believe that nothing can substitute workout as it is you who needs to do it yourself. Rest of the jobs can be outsourced, right?


I recently came across BTL VANQUISH ME™ from BTL Aesthetics that promises to be a non-invasive body scuplting option. It can be your quick solution for shaping up the abdomen and thighs.

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How to look wow like Bollywood Actors

How to look wow like Shilpa Shetty

–Sayanti Banerjee





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