Brewing happiness

Brewing happiness...
Brewing happiness…

On a Saturday morning I prefer to wake up late since it’s a day off but Philips Brew Camp made a difference to my schedule. Being a coffee connoisseur myself, indulgence was the way to go as waking up to some great coffee activities was topping my mind.
It was a fun gathering of self proclaimed coffee lovers who seemed to know a lot about the beans and the beverage than I had ever imagined. Keeping true to the effect of caffeine, the pep talk literally woke me up to a lot of interesting facts.
Starting out with pairing food and different varieties of coffee was the first exciting segment. There was a quarter plate full of cinnamon apple crumble, Danish cake, banana slice cake, crackers and sesame seed cookie that was placed by the side of my brewing cappuccino. Since I personally love cinnamon, I savoured the flavor of the apple crumble that seemed to taste best with my kind of coffee. The ones who got café mocha or café latte picked the Danish cake or the cracker as their best accompaniments.
Stirring up the entertainment quotient, it was time to learn some coffee art as well! So armed with chocolate sauce and milk, some of the coffee lovers won themselves the opportunity to become even more creative. Hearts floating on the creamy foam expressed the love for the beverage and there were winners who had actually championed this art on the spot. The lucky winner got to carry off Philips Saeco Intelia One Touch while the other participants got fun goodies too.
It turned out to be a refreshing event, totally worth giving up an extra hour of sleep on Saturday morning and a WOW experience for sure 🙂

-Sayanti Banerjee