Bring out the ‘Queen’ in you…

The movie Queen was already creating a lot of buzz even before it hit the screen, precisely because the heroine goes on her honeymoon-ALONE! Now that is what Bollywood did not experience before. So when Kangana’s character Rani gets deserted at the alter by her fiancé Vijay played by Rajkumar Rao, she brings out the ‘Queen’ in her.

Kangna Queen

What I loved is the fact that the movie kept things simple and hence believable. There was no high drama in her transformation from a naïve beauty to a confident belle after a tour of Paris and Amsterdam. Though she dons modern western-wear letting go her inhibitions, she does not part with her values. She becomes more composed in life and  less guarded as she opens up to the world out there, breaking free from the rule book of her ‘Delhi Society’.

Rani’s chance encounter with the different characters add spice to her life that she was missing out on while trying to please the love of her life Vijay. So at the end of her single honeymoon she actually has her fiancé come back to her. But by then she has discovered the worth of her life and decides to thank him for the ‘boon in disguise’ he was responsible for.

What we want in life and what we actually need can be quite different… so you never know which piece of the jigsaw puzzle of Life comes to you first!

-Sayanti Banerjee

One thought on “Bring out the ‘Queen’ in you…

  1. Nice One!! I completely agree with you.. The fact that the story was simple and plain with less of drama it definitely touched many hearts.

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