A Superbly designed platter

For those who believe in a bit of ‘hedonism’ like me, will agree that it is ‘One Life’ and you need to simply live it up!  But in order to relish every moment, you cannot be caught up debating whether – ‘to live to eat’ OR ‘to eat to live’…

How can you miss out on the ‘spice of life’ literally by surrendering yourself to a bland diet in your quest for good health? Image

Well, I have not been able to do it myself though I claim to be a self-proclaimed fitness freak myself with- white oat, flaxseed and milk for breakfast, idly for lunch and dalia with vegetables and soya for dinner and fruits and green tea in-between.

But when this routine gets repeated, I obviously get bored! ‘Interesting things’ that creep into my platter next in order to make me happy are – fast food and chocolates but what follows post that is a sense of guilt for having cheated on my ‘innocent diet’ and adding a baggage of unnecessary calories. While the best option seems like going back to the regular routine, it all feels like a chore and the energy to abide by it fizzles out by then.

In order to break this pattern, I wanted to experience the ‘Eat Well’ initiative at Westin Mumbai Garden City and discover a super fun platter from the SuperFoods spread.  Keeping true to the brand’s historic commitment to health and wellness, the Westin Well-being Movement has a holistic approach with the six pillars of well-being that include – Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well.

What I could relate to immediately was the fact that, the programme aims at embracing the basic rules of well being and happiness without depriving one from indulging a bit 🙂

So my breakfast platter did have dark chocolates that are high in anti-oxidents and the granola and berry muesli in yogurt, with nuts, honey and pomegranate essence was that was so tasty that it did leave me craving for more…Image

The omelette that the chef served up with veggies, spinach, chicken salami along with a multi-grained pita bread by the side, tasted too good to believe it to be a ‘health food’. The green apple smoothie was a lip smacking coolant that I did not mind swapping for hot coffee at the breakfast table.

Westin’s global partnership with SuperfoodsRx (Eat Well) helps the brand to offer guests globally, food that are not only nutritious but do entice the taste buds at the same time.Now, if this was the concept of eating well and still keeping to a healthy routine, I am game for it every day!

The best part about this SuperFoodsRX breakfast invite was chatting up with the jolly Executive Chef of The Westin Mumbai Garden City, Ajay Chopra. He loves his food as much as I did, but he believes in portion control that can actually allow one to indulge smartly without letting the diet go for a toss.Image

He also suggested that one should read the fine print about what has gone into the well garnished spread before serving themselves, as it will make them feel even better about the intake and how!

Since the concept of wellness is more of a discipline that one needs to follow, it works best when things are kept simple. Just keep to a basic plan of eating right, mix and match a few food groups that are healthy and tasty at the same time and make it a ‘wow’ experience every time! 

-Sayanti Banerjee

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