A selfie-brunch at Le Mangii

Eating out is more about the experience than just the food…  For me it is not just the appetite but the ambiance of the place, that usually make me stay on for more…

Since selfies are in vogue, doing things all by myself seemed like a cool idea! Imagine walking into a restaurant alone and indulging in the food that you love to binge upon without having another person dig into it or prick your conscious about the calories ….

It will be an awesome ‘me-time’ for sure!Le Mangi

Yes, I felt I deserved one and treated myself at Le Mangii, the Italian Table. This was probably at the back of my mind ever since I enrolled for French classes at Alliance Francais and learnt more about the French culture. Though taking a trip abroad would not have worked out with just a day off this week, I was glad I could live up that experience partly in Mumbai itself!

So I took a trip to the newly launched outlet of Le Mangii at Lower Parel, for a lazy brunch last Monday. I love pizzas so the choice of the place was easy since I had heard a lot about them from my friends. They had recommended the place to me after relishing the Chicken Rollinitina stuffed with ricotta, served with tangy salsa. Though I am not a fan of pasta, they wanted me to try Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Fussilli styles with prawn or chicken that is to die for.

But I like to do things my way, so I opted for the Cajun Chicken pizza that was simply lip smacking while I had a small portion of the Barbeque Chicken as well. Also, I called for a classic Caesar salad by the side that was a healthy option, but I also kept sipping the yummy brownie twister milk-shake instead of water.

choco Since it was my day-off from oats and dalia routine, I was making the most of it!

I however decided to wrap the experience with something sweet as always, so went ahead to the dessert selection. Mocha Fudge Cake with a hint of strong coffee and dollops of vanilla ice-cream, that made my day!

I feel that the only check point that one should keep in mind, while trying things on their own is – to do a bit of research first and get recommendations from friends, like I did to begin with.

The reason simply is that just in case you land up for an experience that is disappointing, you will not have company to talk about it and feel end up feeling depressed instead.

Well, the whole idea is to enjoy some ‘me-time’, sneak out of  the mundane routine, get a breather and capture some fun ‘selfie’ memories from such a self-indulgent experience, with your inner self  🙂

 -Sayanti Banerjee

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