What makes you ‘wow’

Is the concept of ‘beauty’ a topic of debate? Probably self-debate I would say, since a lot goes on within the mind itself about how one looks and needs to look, all the time…There are certain guidelines out there that spell B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L or the reverse. So I was curious to sit through a panel discussion for Dove’s Patch campaign –‘Beauty is a state of mind’. In fact, among the panelists, Konkona Sen Sharma and Pooja Dhingra were the two interesting speakers, whom I have known for a while now and was excited to hear their views.me

Konkona comes from my City of Joy – Kolkata, so we did chat up about how the strong desire to conform by the ‘check-list’ of beauty is catching up back home as well. She felt that even girls from a very young age should be made to focus on their intelligence and personality rather than being complimented about how pretty they look. In fact, in spite of being in the glamour world this talented actress always chose to stand out and be herself and accept the fact that she was rather an ‘unconventional’ beauty who could look great on a few days and not so great on others. Now facing reality is probably the best solution in order to uncomplicated life.

I was waiting to hear what Pooja Dhingra had to add to the notion. For those who have a sweet tooth like me and love to indulge in Le15 treats, will know this popular patisserie entrepreneur.  She is successful and on top of things professionally yet personally when her granny suggests that she needs to lose weight in order to get married, it bothers her for sure. Ironically, while the audience felt she was lucky to be working out of a kitchen filled with chocolates, she wondered if it was a ‘lucky’ option actually.

Now this iota of self doubt made this young achiever too feel that probably her achievements in life so far were not good enough… So there needs to be ‘more realistic’ role models beyond ‘Barbie’ look- alike out there, Pooja suggested for women to look upto since their childhood. And where does one find them?

Pat came her answer- “Be one yourself!”

On that motivating note, there followed the screening of a short film about women across the world who were asked by a psychoanalyst to take a ‘patch’ test for a couple of days and see how they feel about themselves.

The deal was to touch the round piece of paper stuck on their arms and say to themselves that they feel beautiful!

So by the end of a week or two, the self-confidence of the participants triumphed over their low self esteem and they realize that there was nothing external that brought about this change in their perspective.

It was the voice from within that urged them to look at Life differently and feel BEAUTIFUL each day.

Quite a fairy tale-ish saga, but the moral of the story brought a smile to my face that –

It is only we who can detect that ‘wow’ factor about ourselves!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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