Bhootnath Returns with double the fun!!!

Politics may not be my cup of tea but a film that plays up the irony of the same in the most hilarious way, is certainly Bhootnath Returns. I found the trailer itself engaging and decided to attend the press show giving a miss to a star-studded fashion show that was scheduled around the same time. It was totally worth, as the film turned out to be a real treat in itself!Image

I have not watched the initial Bhoothnath but that did not make any difference as this sequel had a new story altogether. Amitabh Bachchan essaying the title-role, decides to return on earth from his ghost nagaria with the aim of scaring kids and relieving himself from being the laughing stock there.

The portrayal of the ‘bhoot world’ as a Government office is satirical to begin with and evokes laughter right from the very first frame.

The ‘technical fault’ makes Bhootnath again visible to another kid Akhrot played by Parth Bhalerao. The two characters are able to connect with each other instantly and their candid comrade help them to team up against social evils.

As Boman Irani, the political goon in the disguise of Bhau entres the scene, Bhootnath gears up to contest him at the local elections.Image

The challenges the adorable ghost faces as a ‘dead contestant’ without a ‘death certificate’ made me laugh my heart out.

The entertainment quotient is very high in almost every dialogue and the song ‘Party toh banti hai…’ made me break into a bit of jig.

As an overall experience, I felt glad that I watched an amazing movie with a funny story-line, quirky characters and little anecdotes of social consciousness that left me with a ‘feel good’sensation.

That according to me makes it a must watch movie at the end of the day 🙂

-Sayanti Banerjee

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