Fishing it right!

In spite of an innocent name like Nothin fishy about it!, this newly launched food joint at Carter road, Khar can actually get one hooked. The variety of fish rolls, prawn wraps and appetizers it has to offer, you simply cannot get enough of it…

Fish_FingersBeing a Bengali I am obviously fond of fish but I am very selective too at the same time. Though there are a lot of places in Mumbai that serve up sea food, after trying a few of them I can hardly recall the ones that I have gone back to. So I was a bit apprehensive about exploring this new option, and I am glad that I did stop by and will be going back for more I am sure.Prawns_Koliwada(2)

It is a simple and uncluttered place to begin with that offers a complete value for money menu and a lip smacking experience.

It is said that one should relish food with their five senses and you actually get down to doing so here as the platter not only looks good, it smells great, tastes delicious, you can hear the crispy sound with every bite and feel the smooth texture of the freshly marinated delicacies.

I started out with the fish roll with koli green spices that tasted simply amazing. The soft koli multigrain roti within which the fish and sauces were wrapped, tasted great and seemed healthy at the same time. It did not make me feel too full either and I was excited to order butter garlic fish with garlic bread next! It was simply lip smacking and I could give a miss to a spicy chicken dish for it.

I seemed to be going ‘high’ on fishes and wanted to indulge a bit more. I opted for the prawn Koliwada roll with red spices. It was perfectly tossed up a crispy and spicy offering. There were interesting add-ons by the side too with each dish, like French fries or exotic salads that made for a complete meal on the go.

 -Sayanti Banerjee

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