For A Healthy Treat…


Cafes are a passé by now as every corner of the street has one cropping up now and then. But what made me want to step into JIWA was the fact that it claims to be Mumbai’s first-ever healthy Roti concept Café. Well, a healthy treat it was for me and quite a refreshing change to select from a menu that offers a wide variety of nutritious and wholesome food.JIWA-cafe_1

Mumbai is known for its space crunch but JIWA Experience Centre in Bandra does make the best out of its outlet with service set up as well as take-away options.  Brainchild of young entrepreneur Mr Raghav Gupta,  JIWA offers customised healthy wraps from a variety of puffed roti to choose from like – multi-grain, Slimming, Diabetic, Women special, youth plus atta and the likes.

I simply loved the fact that the in-house Roti Master was following the good old home spun way of tossing up a fresh roti for every wrap.

I was really spoilt for choice when I had to decide what kind of stuffing I wanted to choose from as -Butter Beans & Feta, Exotic veggies in Balsamic, Tandoori Bhindi Aloo, Paneer Shazlik, Char grilled Fruits to Tofu Parika make a deliciously endless list.Product_+_Wrap

Not just stopping at that, as far as the garnishing was concerned, the sauces such as a Mexican salsa, Greek yogurt, Hummus, Asian Wasabi, Desi Chutney, Nutty Peanut or a Pesto seemed exotic too. I could simply indulge guilt free as they would add upto less calories and more fiber, protein and vitamin intake in the process.

I also did try the Lemon grass with a hint of Jasmine coolent and the mango smoothie that complimented the platter, but it was the dark chocolate popsicle that made for a perfect dessert!

As a health freak myself, I would recommend this place as a great option for pre as well as post workout food but then you can opt for a healthy treat any hour of the day  🙂

-Sayanti Banerjee

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