Confessions of a hair fashion addict

I sometimes wonder if I would be so obsessed with hair fashion if I was not writing for a hair magazine…

May be I still would be! In fact, I had permed my naturally straight hair while I was still in college! hat

So I already qualify as a hair fashion addict by now, having tried every possible hair colour, technique, cut and styling with my tresses.back

The way you wear your hair can actually define your mood and attitude in style and the compliments testify the same. Image Initially I was fond of long hair but I gradually realized that unless you experiment with the length, you will end up looking the same.


I do agree that chopping off the length requires a heart to let go those precious inches. Specially if  you have been admiring them for days and weeks.

But the minute you are able to let go, you see the difference. Let the mirror be your grooming guide! side

Of course, people will have mixed reviews to the ‘new you’ when you sport a drastically different hairstyle from the ones you have always had.  But isn’t that the idea? To look different! ‘It’s just hair and it will grow back’- I have heard this epic dialogue from all hairstylists. Now I believe them now!

Same goes for hair colour. There will be times when you would think it looks too loud and then there will be times when you will love it. It is not about the colour, it is more about how you carry it off that matters, teaming up with the clothes and make-up. I have tried myself and trust me it is about having fun with fashion.

Styling the hair differently and sporting fun accessories like bows, clips, hair bands and the likes will keep you looking fashionable. There are lots of tools and products that you can learn to use over a period of time in order to give a more salon finish professional edge. So it is not just about the cut and colour, it is more about how you choose to wear your hair that spells your fashion quotient.

Try something different with your tresses confidently and enjoy the good hair days that no magic potion but only you can create!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Warm up to a ‘wow’ wardrobe

Whether you are on a diet or no, when it comes to fashion, you better have a big appetite! So when it was time to check out what is in store for the Autumn and Winter this year from the Bestseller brands- ONLY, VERO MODA and JACK & JONES, fashion addicts like me simply wanted to indulge.Image

The collection spread had the appeal of a sumptuous platter. The colours of autumn like saffron yellow, ox blood red and burnt orange caught my attention instantlyImage.

The story of monochromes and that of white, black and greys for winter added to the variety. Knits are my all time favourites but in Mumbai they may not be too wearable.

Though I loved the fur coats and cozy cardigans, I had to select my options matching the fashion quotient with the functionality.

Layering of course works best for autumn and winter, so I would opt for the jackets for sure. One can take their pick from the denim range to the leather biker jackets or the asymmetrical zipped down ones.

There are smart fit blazers and fine, handcrafted, woolen shrugs, boleros and capes as well. Image

ImageThese can be teamed up with any outfit and can work for most occasions seamlessly.

In fact, while the crop styles still remain hot this season, the drop shoulder and over sized anti-fits are going to get all attention.

As far as the prints are concerned, though the vintage rose, geometric, aztec and grid prints still remain the all time favourites, one must try out the Scottish checks, Scandinavian motifs and doodles with inscriptions for a quirky statementImage. The edgy and boho chic appeal can transform the entire look without you having to do anything much. One might want to also settle for a sporty fun feel and select their options accordingly.

The best part is that these uppers can compliment any of your old pants, denims, trousers and skirts, adding a whole new style quotient!

Here are some of the ‘wow’ must haves for you that I have pulled out from the autumn/ winter ’14 collection. Hope you have fun picking up these separates that will help you to warm up to a wow wardrobe for the coming season.

-Sayanti Banerjee