Check-in to Tranquility

As a kid, I am sure we all loved the rains. Especially when our school declared a ‘rainy day’ holiday out of the blue that allowed us to stay home, viewwatch the rains and float paper boats in the puddles. Now all that seems more like a luxury, as we only get to watch the showers from the glass windows of our offices and day-dream…hotel

No wonder the same monsoon has become a chore and make the world look dull for most of us. The only things to look forward to this season are – the endless traffic, muddy pot-holes and endless woes. If anything can change this gloomy picture, it has got to be a quick getaway from the bustling city-life into a tranquil space.

Though I have visited Pune earlier, the desire to explore an urban resort like Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan seemed alluring. It was worth room viewthe trip as this quick weekend escape got me back happier.

The so called ‘fast life’ can leave us breathless literally, being at this property gave me the feel of a relaxed country side. I enjoyed the sound of silence as I sat near the glass pane overlooking an amazing landscape.bed




The drizzle outside added to the poetic beauty of the picturesque view and I recalled W. H Davis’ ironic poem Leisure –

“What is this Life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare…”

It was almost unbelievable to have a day without the ‘set’ agenda or running to keep pace with time! After a lazy morning and a sumptuous breakfast at the Momo Café, I decided to take a dip in the turquoise pool. The water did feel a bit cold initially but the ambiance was quite inviting. I was having fun all by myself and I guess we all need such ‘me times’ to just disconnect with the world around and be our self. It was a sort of vipassana camp for me that I have heard of but what felt best is the fact that I was doing it all in my style!

Next, I was looking forward to the afternoon siesta on the cozy deluxe bed but the lunch was not worth missing, so I landed back at the 24/7 dinning Momo Café to binge on the yummy treats. swimThere was a theme to this concept restaurant that is frequented by the expats. So it was Street Food Festival from Mohammad Ali Road for that weekend.

Did that seem exciting for me? Well, the irony of my ‘busy life’ got even better since I had never got a chance to visit this popular street food arcade in spite of staying in Mumbai for a couple of years now!

Well, Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan felt like a home away from home for me and this was a ‘no routine’ routine that I would love to follow everyday. At least, I did manage to do so for the two days of my dream weekend trip that made me feel rejuvenated this monsoon!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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