Fashion High Five!!!

I had stepped into the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) extravaganza in 2009 and felt like Alice in Wonderland… over the past five years now, the ‘wow’ feel settled down a bit but what still thrills me the most is the ‘Happy Stress’ about- What to wear!day1

That is a ‘girl thing’ probably and we all want to look our best most of the time. But when it comes to decoding fashion from the ramp, and also keeping on trend off it, it all seems like ‘Oh my God!’???????????????????????????????yellowpurple dressred n white

BlueBy now I have realized that a few pretty butterflies in the stomach actually helps to get the best out of me. So did I feel more groomed and evolved over the past five fashionable days of LFW? Well, here’s the fashionable lessons that I picked up and how.  

So my five take-aways from this year’s Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 are:

  1. Long skirts and crop tops are here to stay, whether it is summer or winter fashion statements one wants to make with them. Of course the materials can vary and the layering can change as per the season.
  2. Floral prints are ever green, a few leaves and other botanical elements can be added from time to time.
  3. The classic black and white rules the hearts as always and checks are effortlessly fashion savvy forever.
  4. Hot pink lipsticks are an instant pick-me-up, any time of the day. They simply make the pouts stand out as pretty and sensual at the same time. Just the right combination women would want.
  5. Finally, coming to the crowning glory that can make or break a look, the good news is that hair can stay effortless and messy. So bad hair days actually got stylish!

As a personal take, I feel that no matter how you want to look, just feel ‘wow’ about being YOURSELF and that will make all the happy difference!

-Sayanti Banerjee

A Rainbow Treat!!!

I need some motivation in order to wake up early on a Sunday morning and the Monsoon brunch at the Westin Mumbai Garden City promised to be a just that! Since I did not manage to step out of the city over the long weekend break that went by, I was all set to get into a holiday mood, even if it would be only for a day indulging in a special brunch.view

I had been to the Italian restaurant Prego earlier as well as the coffee shop at the ground level, since I was on the go all the time but now that I had an entire lazy Sunday to myself, I decided to indulge myself further. So finding my way up to the restaurant Seasonal Tastes on the 18th floor seemed like a ‘wow’ option!???????????????????????????????

As I glanced through the spread, there was everything that I usually crave to have right from street charts to peanut butter varieties to Chinese cuisine to sinfully good desserts. There was no looking back, literally. I simply moved towards a table overlooking the lush green view of the surroundings. It was a visual treat to begin with…???????????????????????????????

In fact, I enjoyed the colourful vibe of the place and the platter so much that counting calories was probably the last thing on my mind. Since brunch is a happy combination of breakfast and lunch, the ‘extra helpings’ get ‘justified’ as one believes it to be ‘enough for ???????????????????????????????two meals’! At least I tried telling myself so…

In fact, since the Westin Mumbai Garden City believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle, I personally appreciate their ‘Eat Well’ efforts. So as a guest, I do get to choose from whole grains, green veggies and fresh fruit options as well. The animal protein varieties are also put together thoughtfully by retaining their nutritious value. Though I did over indulge myself, I still did not feel bloated.

Of course desserts being my ultimate calling, I drowned myself in the sugar rush. A warm cup of green tea at the end of it all seemed to balance out the sumptuous brunch perfectly.

I am already excited to get back for another seasonal treat that can transport me to a ‘fun food-land’ for a while!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Indulge your senses in ‘guilt-free’ marzipan magic…

A royal treat is one that involves all the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  For me it was indulging in a box of Nordic Kandie Magic, the ‘gourmet marzipan’ this morning that made my day! I feel, what can bring out the child in us instantly, is as simple as a box of good chocolates.
But the box of  ‘Nordic Kandie Magic’ was very different. The sight of the beautifully crafted marzipans, their texture, the way they melted in the moremouth were all a sensual experience for sure.

In fact, I realized that there were edible metallic coating of gold and silver too that are sourced from a factory in Italy, that has been supplying their products to the royal families in Europe since 1820.candyme

The artisanal ‘kandies’ are made from high quality ‘Mamra Almonds’ that are specially imported from Iran.

magic Usually one had to wait till Christmas to enjoy marzipan but now thanks to the Estonian expatriate, Thea Tammeleht, who has used her family’s traditional recipe to curate ‘Nordic Kandie Magic’.

These luxury confectionary products are crafted with the finest quality of ingredients, sourced from all around the world and one can only experience the delicacy as they melt in the mouth.

What makes it a rather ‘guilt free’ treat for a calorie conscious person like me is that this gourmet specialty is 100% vegetarian, cholesterol and gluten free.

 So instead of using the word ‘addict’ for myself in this context, I would prefer to feel more sophisticated as a ‘connoisseur’.

I simply relished the wide variety of these specially crafted sweet meats in mint, strawberry, orange, cherry, green apple, lychee, blackcurrant and almond flavours. As I savored each of them, these innocent sweets seemed to cast a happy spell that lingered all day.

 -Sayanti Banerjee

Celebrating the big ‘F’

I still feel excited about Friendship’s Day as much I used to, in school and college! So friendship goes beyond age. In fact, in today’s world when we live high on virtual reality, it is all the more important to celebrate such a day that will help us to catch up with friends in person for a change. For me, this first Sunday of August got even more special as I decided to add the other ‘F’ of Fashion to it. selfie

bothI wanted to pick up gifts for my friends from Madame`s ‘Studio Collection’ as I was excited to find out about ‘Selfie With Bestie” Campaign launched by the young and fashionable brand ambassador Shazahn Padamsee. As I stepped into the Madame’s Lokhandwala store in Andheri west, there seemed to be a happy buzz.

The actor was present there herself to treat the winners of the online campaign by posing for selfies with them at the store.

In fact what seemed to me a ‘wow’ concept was that the bloggers could also showcase a look for Shazahn by dressing themselves up in which ever outfit, accessory or footwear they fancied. Now that was some treat for sure and I too wanted to indulge myself in this fashion fiesta.

Madame`s ‘Studio Collection’ had interesting zebra prints and checkered motifs that I liked apart from the florals and the tropical bold pints. I loved the colour scheme as well that varied from white, peach, maroon, wine, royal blue to black. The leather work, embellishments and embroideries made some of those pieces stand out.

moreI however settled for a rather subtle chic appeal. So I chose to sport a white maxi dress with asymmetrical hemline. The golden polka dots simply upgraded its fashion quotient. I also found myself a beautiful piece of fashion accessory to team up with my chosen outfit. The finely handcrafted leaf motifs of this oxidized silver neckpiece, complimented my dress so well that it was all that I required to feel party ready.

When Shazahn saw me in this new avatar, she actually liked the look put together by me for her.  That made my day and we got clicking a few happy selfies.

As we got chatting, I quickly checked with her what makes things appear ‘wow’ to this diva? Pat came the answer, “It needs to get my attention twice! A sort of a head turner literally, for instance while purchasing anything, I need to literally look back at that product after initial scanning.”


-Sayanti Banerjee