Indulge your senses in ‘guilt-free’ marzipan magic…

A royal treat is one that involves all the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  For me it was indulging in a box of Nordic Kandie Magic, the ‘gourmet marzipan’ this morning that made my day! I feel, what can bring out the child in us instantly, is as simple as a box of good chocolates.
But the box of  ‘Nordic Kandie Magic’ was very different. The sight of the beautifully crafted marzipans, their texture, the way they melted in the moremouth were all a sensual experience for sure.

In fact, I realized that there were edible metallic coating of gold and silver too that are sourced from a factory in Italy, that has been supplying their products to the royal families in Europe since 1820.candyme

The artisanal ‘kandies’ are made from high quality ‘Mamra Almonds’ that are specially imported from Iran.

magic Usually one had to wait till Christmas to enjoy marzipan but now thanks to the Estonian expatriate, Thea Tammeleht, who has used her family’s traditional recipe to curate ‘Nordic Kandie Magic’.

These luxury confectionary products are crafted with the finest quality of ingredients, sourced from all around the world and one can only experience the delicacy as they melt in the mouth.

What makes it a rather ‘guilt free’ treat for a calorie conscious person like me is that this gourmet specialty is 100% vegetarian, cholesterol and gluten free.

 So instead of using the word ‘addict’ for myself in this context, I would prefer to feel more sophisticated as a ‘connoisseur’.

I simply relished the wide variety of these specially crafted sweet meats in mint, strawberry, orange, cherry, green apple, lychee, blackcurrant and almond flavours. As I savored each of them, these innocent sweets seemed to cast a happy spell that lingered all day.

 -Sayanti Banerjee

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