A Rainbow Treat!!!

I need some motivation in order to wake up early on a Sunday morning and the Monsoon brunch at the Westin Mumbai Garden City promised to be a just that! Since I did not manage to step out of the city over the long weekend break that went by, I was all set to get into a holiday mood, even if it would be only for a day indulging in a special brunch.view

I had been to the Italian restaurant Prego earlier as well as the coffee shop at the ground level, since I was on the go all the time but now that I had an entire lazy Sunday to myself, I decided to indulge myself further. So finding my way up to the restaurant Seasonal Tastes on the 18th floor seemed like a ‘wow’ option!???????????????????????????????

As I glanced through the spread, there was everything that I usually crave to have right from street charts to peanut butter varieties to Chinese cuisine to sinfully good desserts. There was no looking back, literally. I simply moved towards a table overlooking the lush green view of the surroundings. It was a visual treat to begin with…???????????????????????????????

In fact, I enjoyed the colourful vibe of the place and the platter so much that counting calories was probably the last thing on my mind. Since brunch is a happy combination of breakfast and lunch, the ‘extra helpings’ get ‘justified’ as one believes it to be ‘enough for ???????????????????????????????two meals’! At least I tried telling myself so…

In fact, since the Westin Mumbai Garden City believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle, I personally appreciate their ‘Eat Well’ efforts. So as a guest, I do get to choose from whole grains, green veggies and fresh fruit options as well. The animal protein varieties are also put together thoughtfully by retaining their nutritious value. Though I did over indulge myself, I still did not feel bloated.

Of course desserts being my ultimate calling, I drowned myself in the sugar rush. A warm cup of green tea at the end of it all seemed to balance out the sumptuous brunch perfectly.

I am already excited to get back for another seasonal treat that can transport me to a ‘fun food-land’ for a while!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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