Flavours of NYC

Flavours go beyond food and you can relish a place too by simply feasting your senses on the experience… It is something like you select a dish from the menu according to the ingredients that you prefer or wish to try out for the first time. For me, New York has been a destination that I always wanted to set foot on, having heard about it as a global fashion hub and a glamourous lifestyle avenue so far.JLT

So I thought I knew a bit of what I was about to explore, but like it always happens, the slice of Life tastes quite different. For me, it turned out to be better than expected!

One of the wonders of the world, the Statue of Liberty satisfied my wanderlust to a great extent. As a symbol of freedom, the larger than life image of this Roman Goddess radiated hope in me that there is a lot waiting for me out there.

LibertyHer mint-green, calm composer had a de-stressing effect instantly. I got inspired to make the best of my ‘Dream Holiday’!

The neon lights of Times Square that sparkle for 24/7made my eyes gleam. I enjoyed being in a ‘starry paradise’ of sorts that I had seen in Hollywood movies so far. They only got brighter as the day progressed. What made NYC different is the fact that it did not remain all bling only. There were enough parks, gardens and lake side views to get the country side feel.Time

In fact, the fall coulours of trees with red and orange hues only added to the natural beauty. The drive down to a must-visit natural wonder, the Niagara Falls was the ultimate cherry topping.

DSC03359 The ‘maid of the mist’ as the core of the Falls is called, was the brewing pot of the most beautiful rainbow that I have ever seen in all its glory.n4up

The journey can be narrated but the experience needs to be relished… So on that note, here’s encouraging others to savour the WOW feel of NYC!

Sayanti Banerjee


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