Classy Chicago Charm

Every city has its own style and it gets defined by its architecture and ambiance more than the people…

Navy PierAs a tourist I was visiting Chicago for the second time to rediscover the beauty of this windy city again.

skylineI was blown away by the classic old world charm that this heart of America destination celebrates. Uncluttered, minimalistic and fashionably old-school, I felt Chicago to be the ultimate melting pot of western culture.

There is a happy mix and match of the old and the new as the  aesthetic beauty of the heritage structures compliment the contemporary buildings that dot the stunning skyline. But what adds the ‘fairy-tale’ touch to it, is the rare visual delight of natural fun

night lifeNot just keeping it green, the amazing fall colours of trees change from magenta to crimson to golden and more while the flowers bloom in violets and blues apart from the usual reds and pinks.

The weather felt pleasant too though it got a bit breezy by the Michigan Lake mostly. In fact, this being one of the Great Lakes of the World seemed almost like an ocean to me. The hues of the water blended in a few shades of turquoise and teal to create a picturesque treeDSC02582Bahai

I also enjoyed the relaxed pace of Chicago and specially the sanctum of calmness at Bahai’s House of Worship. Well, there may be more to a place, but every tourist takes back with them what appeals to them as ‘Wow’ during their stay. And this is how I felt post my revisit…

Sayanti Banerjee

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