Watch out for 2015 in style!

As the year 2014 comes to an end, you need to gear up to party away the last few hours in style. The most important accessory right now is your watch, trust me!1  3

2So as you watch out for more and more excitement to come by, let the final countdown begin. Get the outfit for the evening sorted and the make-up and hair planned out, so that you can ensure a few amazing photographs. They are memories captured too so you have to make them as beautiful as possible!

  • A dress that fits you well can be a safe bet. Just let the colour not be typical black! Go for other shades like blue, grey or purple that are in fashion and will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Opt for subtle prints as they look more chic and blend into every style quotient. Big, loud prints often end up looking jazzy.
  • As far as embellishments or add-ons are concerned, a sexy neckline or a fun back will be a smart idea. Western silhouettes look best when they are kept simple so do not add too much of ornamentation. Also, it is the time to shake a leg and burn the dance floor, so you do not want too many things on you.
    Let the shoes be the deal breaker, fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Put your best foot forward as you step into a rocking 2015!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Victoria Krundysheva photography

Venue: Sante, C’est La Vie, ground floor, 164, Hill Road, Bandra (West)

Future Forward Graphic Eyeliner

When it comes to make-up tricks, the quickest one that I know is eye liner. It instantly upgrades the glam quotient of any outfit and how! So, in order to get party-ready for the upcoming New Year bash, I walked into the M.A.C Cosmetics store in Juhu to fine tune my skill of creating the graphic eye

It looks future forward and can redefine the shape of the eyes completely. It is ideal for those who are looking for an insta-glam make-over.two three

Here’s how you can do it yourself and get grab the eyeballs:

  • Use a white eye pencil to sketch the outline of the winged extension from the outside corners of your eyes.
  • You can trace the entire waterline with white-liner to make the eyes look bigger.
  • Make sure the outline looks balanced on both sides, length and width wise.
  • Now trace the inner crease of the eye lids and stop at the centre.
  • Instead of black eye shadow or khol pencil, opt for the deepest shade of a navy blue or rich purple to fill in the white outline.
  • Also, in order to make the look more intense, you can glide over a smooth, bluish-black or blackish-gray khol pencil and define the graphic lines further.
  • Finish this look with lots of mascara to open up the eyes wide and bright and flutter the lashes in future forward style!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Sport the Blue this Monday!

It’s the last Monday of the year, so stop feeling the blues. Instead, make the best of it as the countdown to 2015 begins. You can flaunt the shades of blue in your attire may be and go on a shopping spree for the New Year party coming up in two days. Opt for ‘sporty glam’ which is funky, cool and youthful for this season._MG_0302 _MG_0367

Outfit: A Knitted top in a cool shade like mint green can be teamed up with a short skirt. Make sure to have a sporty element on it like – a jersey number or a fun motif that spells ‘casual chic’ loud and clear! The skirt can be a bit more dressy if you like, with tribal _MG_0381embroidery or boho prints.

Accessories: Keep it simple and fun. A watch looks smart so sport it along with subtle earrings. For footwear a pair of canvas, keds or sneakers in a solid colour or with prints, look cute. Ankle-length socks are optional. They are also very comfortable to walk around in and as an incentive, you will be able to shed off a few extra calories in the process.

Make-up: The fresh, dewy look works the best so let your skin breathe with a subtle foundation. You can keep the eye make-up clean for a change with a dash of shimmery eye shadow in a neutral colour like – beige or fawn. A hint of blush in an apricot or peach shade on the apples of your cheek, will add an instant ‘pick-me-up’ effect to the over all look! A tinted lip balm or a nude shade of lipstick with a splash of pink will finish the look quite effortlessly.

 Hair: You can opt for a simple, ‘no fuss’ hair day by wearing your hair in a pony tail. In fact you can get a little more playful with ‘back-to-school’, double ponytails that will keep the look young and fresh. It is also the best way to show off your ombre streaks or highlights.

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sumeet Ballal

Venue: Oberoi Mall, Mumbai

Gear Up for a Santastic Christmas!

Now it’s only a few hours to Christmas. So you cannot fret over your party plans and what to wear at the last minute. In fact, simply de-stress and get into the party mood.

Dresses and skirts are my favourite as they add a feminine grace that can never go wrong. Also, since Christmas has a global appeal, trends from the international runways should inspire you. You can work the looks from both for the brunch as well as an evening party.face

 Silhouettes: So pick the ones that fit you best. The silhouettes need to compliment your body type and not make you feel conscious and uncomfortable. Make sure to wear proper inners underneath, in order to ensure a seamlessly elegant finish for the overall look. skirt

Colours: Wearing the colours of the season like red, green and white can be fun but try mixing and matching other hues as well. In fact, opting for orange, grey or black can also make you stand out from the crowd.

Prints: LBD (little black dress) are so passé by now. So you can pull off some quirky prints with élan. Even if you do not want to sport a typical star, bell or other Christmas motifs, try a bow or something that’s more fun.

Make-up: Let the eyes look dolled up with mascara and a hint of liner. Keep the lips colourful with a dash of coral or pink.

 Hair: A smart pony tail with a simple bouffant can upgrade the classy quotient of the over all look.

 earingAccessories: What can be really cool and innovative is matching the print of your outfit with your earring, neck piece, hair clip and the likes.

You can also try the same with footwear or add a hint of colour used in the make-up to reflect in your footwear too. dress

For me it was fun to play up my purple eye shadow and lips by finishing the look with a pair of purple pumps since the dress was black.

Also, for my orange skirt I chose to keep it rather simple with a pair of nude peep toes. Stiletto heels work the best for any day or evening look, for the party season.

Just be different, be yourself!

-Sayanti Banerjee 

Photo Credit: Sumeet Ballal

Venue: Oberoi Mall, Mumbai


Time to raise a toast!

As it gets closer to Christmas, there are a host of parties lined up. You can kick of the merry-making series in style. If it is a cocktail party that you are heading to, opt for a bit of Gothic glam that is a rage from the international Autumn/ Winter 2015 Runways. You can save the cute, angelic looks for the Christmas and New Year brunches to follow soon.  b3b1

b4Clothes: Instead of a predictable LBD, don a more feminine black, lacy dress. Let the silhouette be a-line and well fitted. The sleeves can be more playful and see-through. A neutral base colour like soft peach, fawn and apricot will only add to the charm and show up the design of the lace more beautifully.b2

Make-up: Soft smoky eyes look effortlessly glam. So outline the eyes with black liner and define it with grayish-black eye shadow. A hint of purple or blue shimmer at the centre of the eyelids will enhance this look. Use lots of mascara to open up the eyes and give them a dreamy appeal. Nude pink shade of lipstick compliments this look the best.

Hair: While Grecian braids can instantly upgrade the style quotient of the over all ensemble, also a headgear adds more panache to it. Leave the length of the hair falling playfully over the shoulder to go with the mood.

Accessories: You can wear simple, diamond ear studs that do not take away from the look or come across as over powering. Go for posh pumps, peep-toe or ankle length boots with stiletto heels in a solid colour, to finish the look elegantly.

Here’s raising a toast to the host of compliments to come your way!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Victoria Krundysheva photography

Venue: Sante, C’est La Vie, ground floor, 164, Hill Road, Bandra (West)

Sport the festive glow

Today is the Christmas Tree Lighting Day and before you add the sparkle to the festive decorations, it is time to sport the glow on your face. No matter what your pre-party checklist has so far, make sure to indulge in sparty (spa treatments) before you party!glow spa mani n pedi

Here’s why you need it the most at this point of the year. Well, a quick, rejuvenating rituals like a clean up, hair spa, body massage or a pedicure and manicure will make a world of difference, trust me. You will look well groomed and full of life to burn the dance floor in style. In fact, it is the easiest way to distress and get into the festive mood. Also it will simply put a glow on your face and make you stand out in the crowd like a diva. Then the clothes, make-up and hairstyles will be more like cherry toppings as you will be looking beautiful naturally.
This being the party season, there will be a lot of rush to the salons and spas. So make sure that you book your appointment well in advance.
Try a good one that promise great service and offers tips on home care as well. I visited Jharna Shah Makeup &
Hair Academy Boutique Salon Spa
in Juhu and loved the experience of:
• The beautiful set up that has a relaxed pace.
• One can enjoy a customized ritual as per your skin type and requirement.
• The expert therapists are not in a rush to take on the next client so one can unwind and enjoy the therapy amidst a calm ambiance, in the heart of Mumbai itself.
It not only got me party ready, but also left me feeling ‘WoW’!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Go boho chic with retro glam

What makes Christmas different from other festivals are the carols. The lyrics put you in a happy mood instantly as you sing along. best pic1
In fact, 19th December is celebrated as the Christmas Carol Day. So share the festive spirit with your loved ones. The best way to do so is to dress up for the occasion. face

Keeping in tune with the countdown to Christmas, you can watch out this space for ‘wow’ ideas.
Here’s how to live up to the festive Friday night by keeping things cluba bit more romantic. pic2

Go boho chic and add a retro glam twist to it.

Clothes: You can team a powder blue tank top with a high slit long skirt. Floral prints always work their magic when adorned gracefully.
Make-up: Keep the make-up classic, with a hint of shimmery contouring of the face. Add a dash of apricot blush on, define the eyes with black liner and extend it to create a reto-glam winged effect. Red lipstick will add a hint of spunk to the over all look.
Hair: Grecian braids around the crown and the length of the hair falling over the shoulder, looks effortlessly glamourous.
Accessories: Go subtle with accessories and keep it to one statement piece mostly. A pair of floral studs can never go wrong and a simple wrist band can be an add on. Since the hair is pulled back, a nice pair of earings will set off this look beautifully.
Here’s raising a toast to get you started on Christmas fun!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Victoria Krundysheva photography

Venue: Sante, C’est La Vie, ground floor, 164, Hill Road, Bandra (West)

Let the Christmas Countdown begin!

Next Thursday will be Christmas so the jingle bells are already in the air. If you did not find the time yet to bring out the Christmas decoration, do it right away. Playing up the colours of this festive season like red, green and white, will instantly uplift your mood.Here’s the plan to celebrate…worth a try!decorofis

A Christmas tree and a Santa Clause are a must to begin with. Ever since the school days, we must have been doing this but they still remain evergreen. Simply have them as your primary decoration out there, even before you get the metal bells, shimmery balls, doll santaangels, mistletoe and holy leaves out. Apart from your house, you Christmas treecan also add more fun to your office desk to keep you excited about the days to come.

Next, it is time to sport the colours of this festive season in your hair, make up and ensemble. Add a dash of red lipstick, a red steak in the hair, white eye shadows and green nail paint? Just mix and match them with your attire in order to create your unique festive fashion statement this ‘party happy’ season.
Red and white or green and white you can opt for as the clolours of your clothes. Dresses and skirts work best with a throw on scarf, a cap or accessories with some element of Christmas like an angel, bell or holy leave motifs.

Here’s wishing you all a great time merrymaking as you begin your Christmas Countdown!

Sayanti Banerjee

Sock it Up this Winter

Do you avoid wearing socks as you feel they are meant for ‘school girls’ only? Well, then it is time for you to think again! Socks are a rage now in the international fashion space, thanks to the pop icons like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Hollywood celebs like Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and the likes, walking in them with style. partycoffee

Back home in Bollywood, actress Anushka Sharma’s tom-boyish look in the upcoming movie PK is grabbing all attention now. She too is sporting a pretty pair of socks with lacy trimmings in a few
You can make the most of this stylish accessory by teaming the right pair of socks with your outfit. Let the socks not get hidden under your denims, rather flaunt them in different lengths along with your dress or skirt.
Apart from making you feel warm and cosy, they will help you to explore winter fashion like never before. What is interesting is the fact that a pair of calf length socks in a solid colour like brown or black will create the illusion of high boots quite effortlessly, that too at a pocket friendly budget.

You can wear them to a house party and keep them on for a few great photographs too.
There are quirky patterns as well to choose from. So just add a hint of fun to your casual wear, on an otherwise pale winter morning. Going high on the ‘high school funk’ is never a bad idea for the holiday season. Also, the spirit of merry-making is already in the air with masquerade parties to follow. The idea is to simply be as innovative and pull off any style of foot wear from sneakers to pumps with a smart pair of socks.
-Sayanti Banerjee

See Through Metallic Hues this Winter

As the chill sets into the air, this season will have the sun playing peek-a-boo across the sky. But that does not mean that you can discard sun glasses. Apart from protecting your peepers from the UV rays, they add a hint of colour to your outfit. So go ahead and don smart, tinted shades as accessories.
glares blue glares golden glaresIn fact, waking up with puffy eyes is a common problem this season, due to cold, regular alcohol intake, water retention, over sleeping and the likes.

The temporary puffiness tends to settle down as the day goes by. But you would not want to turn up to work or for a brunch, looking goofy.

Also, no amount of make-up can hide them like a pair of cool shades would.

They can be your instant, pick-me-up, day accessory for this winter and how!
Simply indulge in the metallic colours that are a rage currently, by sporting the jeweled hues like turquoise blue, emerald green, amber gold or ruby pink tinted glasses.

-Sayanti Banerjee