See Through Metallic Hues this Winter

As the chill sets into the air, this season will have the sun playing peek-a-boo across the sky. But that does not mean that you can discard sun glasses. Apart from protecting your peepers from the UV rays, they add a hint of colour to your outfit. So go ahead and don smart, tinted shades as accessories.
glares blue glares golden glaresIn fact, waking up with puffy eyes is a common problem this season, due to cold, regular alcohol intake, water retention, over sleeping and the likes.

The temporary puffiness tends to settle down as the day goes by. But you would not want to turn up to work or for a brunch, looking goofy.

Also, no amount of make-up can hide them like a pair of cool shades would.

They can be your instant, pick-me-up, day accessory for this winter and how!
Simply indulge in the metallic colours that are a rage currently, by sporting the jeweled hues like turquoise blue, emerald green, amber gold or ruby pink tinted glasses.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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