Let the Christmas Countdown begin!

Next Thursday will be Christmas so the jingle bells are already in the air. If you did not find the time yet to bring out the Christmas decoration, do it right away. Playing up the colours of this festive season like red, green and white, will instantly uplift your mood.Here’s the plan to celebrate…worth a try!decorofis

A Christmas tree and a Santa Clause are a must to begin with. Ever since the school days, we must have been doing this but they still remain evergreen. Simply have them as your primary decoration out there, even before you get the metal bells, shimmery balls, doll santaangels, mistletoe and holy leaves out. Apart from your house, you Christmas treecan also add more fun to your office desk to keep you excited about the days to come.

Next, it is time to sport the colours of this festive season in your hair, make up and ensemble. Add a dash of red lipstick, a red steak in the hair, white eye shadows and green nail paint? Just mix and match them with your attire in order to create your unique festive fashion statement this ‘party happy’ season.
Red and white or green and white you can opt for as the clolours of your clothes. Dresses and skirts work best with a throw on scarf, a cap or accessories with some element of Christmas like an angel, bell or holy leave motifs.

Here’s wishing you all a great time merrymaking as you begin your Christmas Countdown!

Sayanti Banerjee

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