Time to raise a toast!

As it gets closer to Christmas, there are a host of parties lined up. You can kick of the merry-making series in style. If it is a cocktail party that you are heading to, opt for a bit of Gothic glam that is a rage from the international Autumn/ Winter 2015 Runways. You can save the cute, angelic looks for the Christmas and New Year brunches to follow soon.  b3b1

b4Clothes: Instead of a predictable LBD, don a more feminine black, lacy dress. Let the silhouette be a-line and well fitted. The sleeves can be more playful and see-through. A neutral base colour like soft peach, fawn and apricot will only add to the charm and show up the design of the lace more beautifully.b2

Make-up: Soft smoky eyes look effortlessly glam. So outline the eyes with black liner and define it with grayish-black eye shadow. A hint of purple or blue shimmer at the centre of the eyelids will enhance this look. Use lots of mascara to open up the eyes and give them a dreamy appeal. Nude pink shade of lipstick compliments this look the best.

Hair: While Grecian braids can instantly upgrade the style quotient of the over all ensemble, also a headgear adds more panache to it. Leave the length of the hair falling playfully over the shoulder to go with the mood.

Accessories: You can wear simple, diamond ear studs that do not take away from the look or come across as over powering. Go for posh pumps, peep-toe or ankle length boots with stiletto heels in a solid colour, to finish the look elegantly.

Here’s raising a toast to the host of compliments to come your way!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Victoria Krundysheva photography

Venue: Sante, C’est La Vie, ground floor, 164, Hill Road, Bandra (West)

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