Future Forward Graphic Eyeliner

When it comes to make-up tricks, the quickest one that I know is eye liner. It instantly upgrades the glam quotient of any outfit and how! So, in order to get party-ready for the upcoming New Year bash, I walked into the M.A.C Cosmetics store in Juhu to fine tune my skill of creating the graphic eye liner.one

It looks future forward and can redefine the shape of the eyes completely. It is ideal for those who are looking for an insta-glam make-over.two three

Here’s how you can do it yourself and get grab the eyeballs:

  • Use a white eye pencil to sketch the outline of the winged extension from the outside corners of your eyes.
  • You can trace the entire waterline with white-liner to make the eyes look bigger.
  • Make sure the outline looks balanced on both sides, length and width wise.
  • Now trace the inner crease of the eye lids and stop at the centre.
  • Instead of black eye shadow or khol pencil, opt for the deepest shade of a navy blue or rich purple to fill in the white outline.
  • Also, in order to make the look more intense, you can glide over a smooth, bluish-black or blackish-gray khol pencil and define the graphic lines further.
  • Finish this look with lots of mascara to open up the eyes wide and bright and flutter the lashes in future forward style!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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