Live up to the Wedding Party glam

As the countdown to grand weddings begin, you would need to look gorgeous to outshine ethnic designer wear. So the challenge with wedding party make-up is that you need to get it just right. It is easy to go over the top while experimenting with a new look or not achieving what you had set out for, with your colour palette. But the idea is to have fun and reinvent yourself every time in front of the mirror.
To start out with, for every look you need to hydrate the skin of your face with a good moisturizer. Choose to apply a shade of foundation that matches your complexion instead of going chalky white. You can set it off with a good compact, again in a shade that compliments you best.

Glam Gal look2 look3
Make-up: Yes Shimmery eyes and voluminous curls works best during daytime! You can play around with colours and have fun. Add a dash of pop colours to your lips matching the colour of your dupatta or the border of the leghnga. Outline the eyes with khol and sweep a generous coat of shimmery eyeshadow on the top eyelids. This will also add an over all glow to your face. Keep the blush-on subtle with a hint of peach or apricot.

Hair Style: Tong the hair with hot iron taking thin strands each time. Finish with holding spray to keep the look intact.

Evening Diva
Make-up: It will instantly make you look elegant. You can play up the eyes and make it soft smoky with the trendy purple finish. Also, add a pop colour to your pout and finish with a gloss.
Hair Style: You can bunch up your hair into a textured bun for an evening do and wear a hair accessory.

look1Dancefloor Queen
Make-up: As the day progresses, you may get a bit tired. But the smartest way to hide it is with thick khol and strong smoky eyes. Keep the lips subtle with a hint of pink and a dash of highlight on the cheeks.

Hair Style: Pull back your hair and tie it in a nice pony tail, keeping the crown section interesting with a puff.

Hope these three make-up and hairstyle ideas help you to stand out as wow!
-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sameer Mangtani

Make n Hair: Jharna Shah Makeup &
Hair Academy
Boutique Salon Spa in Juhu, Mumbai

Wardrobe credit: Designer Sujata & Sanjay

How to look gorgeous instantly!

What makes bow a girl’s best friend, is that it can add instant cuteness to any look. Well, whether you wish to sport a casual, semi-formal or formal attire, use of this simple hair accessory can make a lot of difference to your entire ensemble and how!

In fact, you can be creative and try out a number of hairstyles with the same bow ! I used my favourite, mid-size, navy blue one from Forever 21, that worked perfectly for me. So here are four options to get you started right away and look different every time and for every occasion. Here’s how you can look wow!Simply Sensuous

Simply Sensuous
An extreme side parting looks quite glamourous and is still very much in fashion currently. So you can leave your hair open, comb the volume into two sections that with a deep side parting that will make the side bangs fall across your face on one side. You can simply tuck in the hair behind one ear on the other side and clip on the bow.

Casual ChicClassy Messy
If you have mid-length hair, wear them in a sleek pony tail on one side and clip on the bow to cover the rubber band securing the hairdo.

Casual ChicClassy Messy
If you prefer to braid your hair, then wear the bow at the end of your fish tail. You can keep the finish neat or messy as per your mood.

Retro Glam

Retro Glam
A top knot works well to save a bad hair day too, so just bunch up all the hair and secure the bun with a rubber band. Bring on the retro glam by clipping on the bow as a statement accessory across your fringes.

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sameer Mangtani

Venue: Silver Beach Cafe, Mumbai

Go Ethnic chic with saree on t-shirt!

This is the bridal season and with more and more invitations coming your way, to the big fat weddings of your friends and relatives, you would be wondering what to wear.

Indian wear may not be your style but a beautifully draped saree even on a casual tee shirt, can make you stand out of the crowd gracefully. western ethnic chic ethnicHere’s what worked for me perfectly and how.
I was dressed in a laid back, full sleeved tee-shirt and long skirt that got upgraded to an ethnic chic look.

Post work I simply stepped into my friends wedding in this ensemble and felt ‘wow’.

An ombre streak of dual colours, like the one I picked from the premium ethnic wear brand Soch that helped me stay on trend as well! \

The sheer material is very young and modern while the finish is classic with elegant embroideries.
So go ahead and reinvent the ethnic look with an indo-western feel.

This would make it funky, creative, also within your comfort zone and ‘wow’!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Peroni recreates a premium experience

In order to give a taste of the refined Italian experience, premium beer brand Italy Peroni Nastro Azzurro played host to Mumbai, bringing the age old, Italian culture of an exclusive Aperitivo evening. peroni food n beer

Aperitivo was first introduced in the fashionable cafés of Italy for people to socialize, enjoy their drinks along with great food pairing, for a complete experience.

What made this initiative a ‘wow’ experience was, how Peroni recreated the concept of Aperitivo evening that dates back to the 19th century yet fitted into the uber chic lifestyle mood, quite seamlessly!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Play the Mickey Mouse

No mater how old a girl grows, a character that will never go out of her life is Mickey Mouse. So this evergreen cartoon character is still popular on women’s t-shirts, denims, skirts, bags, pillows and accessories. But if you could be a little more quirky and innovative, you can sport the Mickey Mouse hair do as well. new
mickey mouse hairGuess what, it can save a ‘bad hair day’ in style!

All you need are hair stuffing donuts to stuff into the two buns that you would create with your own hair and secure with a bob pins.

• Start with making a middle parting and bunch your hair into two thick sections.
• Create two long pony tails on either side.
• Slide each pony through the hole of each donut shaped hair stuffing.
• Roll them into two buns of similar volume and blend in the base seamlessly into the scalp hair. Use rubber bands and bob pins as required.

You can carry off this cute, feminine and quirky hairdo with any smart and casual outfit. Also, the Mickey Mouse hairdo will make you instagram ready for loads of ‘Likes’ and ‘wow’ compliments!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sameer Mangtani

Venue: Silver Beach Cafe, Mumbai

Bring on the Greek Goddess glam!

Though the festive season is almost over, you still can keep looking fashionable for every occasion in life. Instead of going casual, you might want to try something interesting, right? Get the look
Geek Goddess GlamHere’s how to do it!

  • A style that is simple yet glamourous is the boho-chic look, so look no further. Simply dig out from your wardrobe the ‘forgotten’ attires and mix and match them to create an uber chic, personal style statement.
  • I did so for a laid back Sunday brunch and got a pair of pallazos in red with polka dots in white to team up with a white, ribbed, full sleeve crop. It had a bit of boho-chic, hippy feel and I wanted to make it more fun by wearing a pretty headgear.
  • Tiaras are always a women’s best friend, so the one with pretty red roses worked beautifully to add oodles of attitude to my otherwise simple attire.
    Well, initially I was not sure how it would go but I just decided to follow my heart and got loads of compliments too. Trust me, this simple accessory has the power to transform you into a Greek Goddess for a day. Try it out!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sameer Mangtani

Venue: Silver Beach Cafe, Mumbai

As Stylish as Coffee!

When it comes to having a drink with friends, coffee can be a good option. In fact you can have it any time of the day. Also, it can be a date or a fun meet up with friends or a formal meeting about work.

Like this versatile beverage, you can dress up _MG_0574differently as per the occasion. Here’s how you can say cheers to coffee more fashionably:

Attire: A semi-formal, well fitted dress can be your best bet. You can dress it up or keep it simple. Subtle prints will keep the look interesting. Colour wise, you can still opt for red as the festive mood continues.  _MG_0589

Accessories: For footwear, step into a pair of chic pumps or peep-toes in a nude shade that adds elegance.

A hint of shine with shapely studded earrings can be a smart option. You can wear a watch too if you like.

Make-up: Depending on the mood and time of the day, you can vary the make-up. So a shimmery eye-shadow works best for the day with a hint of gloss. For the evening you can indulge in soft, smoky eyes and glossy, red lips to boost your glam quotient. _MG_0614
Hair: This is certainly going to be your crowning glory. A deep side parting is certainly ‘in’ these days with the length falling straight over the shoulders.

You can use a set of pretty golden clips to get a red carpet stylish feel quite effortlessly.

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sumeet Ballal

Venue: Costa Coffee, Juhu

Time for the NEW YOU!

Like gadgets get upgraded with time and newer versions become a rage, you too can revamp your grooming quotient and take it a few notches higher. So don’t let the newness of 2015 remain to the calendar only. With a few Fashion Resolutions, it is time to discover the new you and be your WoW-self!Get the Look Keep it stylish Think fashion forward

Lose the Fear to Lose the Fashion Battle!
Just be yourself and wear what makes you happy. You would rather prefer to lead as the trend setter than blend into the crowd as the trend follower.

Dare to be Different!
When it comes to experimenting with your looks or the wardrobe, you wonder what will ‘people’ think? Now, do those ‘people’ and their opinions change the way you wish to live… If the answer is ‘NO’ then you have a way to GO!

Simply indulge in what your heart wants!
Mood Swings are normal and make the best out of it by dressing upto them. Yes, just let your mood spell the fashion quotient for you. That way you will always look the look you want to sport and be your best effortlessly!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sumeet Ballal

Venue: Oberoi Mall, Mumbai