Time for the NEW YOU!

Like gadgets get upgraded with time and newer versions become a rage, you too can revamp your grooming quotient and take it a few notches higher. So don’t let the newness of 2015 remain to the calendar only. With a few Fashion Resolutions, it is time to discover the new you and be your WoW-self!Get the Look Keep it stylish Think fashion forward

Lose the Fear to Lose the Fashion Battle!
Just be yourself and wear what makes you happy. You would rather prefer to lead as the trend setter than blend into the crowd as the trend follower.

Dare to be Different!
When it comes to experimenting with your looks or the wardrobe, you wonder what will ‘people’ think? Now, do those ‘people’ and their opinions change the way you wish to live… If the answer is ‘NO’ then you have a way to GO!

Simply indulge in what your heart wants!
Mood Swings are normal and make the best out of it by dressing upto them. Yes, just let your mood spell the fashion quotient for you. That way you will always look the look you want to sport and be your best effortlessly!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sumeet Ballal

Venue: Oberoi Mall, Mumbai

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