Bring on the Greek Goddess glam!

Though the festive season is almost over, you still can keep looking fashionable for every occasion in life. Instead of going casual, you might want to try something interesting, right? Get the look
Geek Goddess GlamHere’s how to do it!

  • A style that is simple yet glamourous is the boho-chic look, so look no further. Simply dig out from your wardrobe the ‘forgotten’ attires and mix and match them to create an uber chic, personal style statement.
  • I did so for a laid back Sunday brunch and got a pair of pallazos in red with polka dots in white to team up with a white, ribbed, full sleeve crop. It had a bit of boho-chic, hippy feel and I wanted to make it more fun by wearing a pretty headgear.
  • Tiaras are always a women’s best friend, so the one with pretty red roses worked beautifully to add oodles of attitude to my otherwise simple attire.
    Well, initially I was not sure how it would go but I just decided to follow my heart and got loads of compliments too. Trust me, this simple accessory has the power to transform you into a Greek Goddess for a day. Try it out!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sameer Mangtani

Venue: Silver Beach Cafe, Mumbai

2 thoughts on “Bring on the Greek Goddess glam!

  1. Beautiful…. However,the beautiful model hijacks the whole blog reading experience….Would love to see more of the styles….

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