Play the Mickey Mouse

No mater how old a girl grows, a character that will never go out of her life is Mickey Mouse. So this evergreen cartoon character is still popular on women’s t-shirts, denims, skirts, bags, pillows and accessories. But if you could be a little more quirky and innovative, you can sport the Mickey Mouse hair do as well. new
mickey mouse hairGuess what, it can save a ‘bad hair day’ in style!

All you need are hair stuffing donuts to stuff into the two buns that you would create with your own hair and secure with a bob pins.

• Start with making a middle parting and bunch your hair into two thick sections.
• Create two long pony tails on either side.
• Slide each pony through the hole of each donut shaped hair stuffing.
• Roll them into two buns of similar volume and blend in the base seamlessly into the scalp hair. Use rubber bands and bob pins as required.

You can carry off this cute, feminine and quirky hairdo with any smart and casual outfit. Also, the Mickey Mouse hairdo will make you instagram ready for loads of ‘Likes’ and ‘wow’ compliments!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sameer Mangtani

Venue: Silver Beach Cafe, Mumbai

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