Live up to the Wedding Party glam

As the countdown to grand weddings begin, you would need to look gorgeous to outshine ethnic designer wear. So the challenge with wedding party make-up is that you need to get it just right. It is easy to go over the top while experimenting with a new look or not achieving what you had set out for, with your colour palette. But the idea is to have fun and reinvent yourself every time in front of the mirror.
To start out with, for every look you need to hydrate the skin of your face with a good moisturizer. Choose to apply a shade of foundation that matches your complexion instead of going chalky white. You can set it off with a good compact, again in a shade that compliments you best.

Glam Gal look2 look3
Make-up: Yes Shimmery eyes and voluminous curls works best during daytime! You can play around with colours and have fun. Add a dash of pop colours to your lips matching the colour of your dupatta or the border of the leghnga. Outline the eyes with khol and sweep a generous coat of shimmery eyeshadow on the top eyelids. This will also add an over all glow to your face. Keep the blush-on subtle with a hint of peach or apricot.

Hair Style: Tong the hair with hot iron taking thin strands each time. Finish with holding spray to keep the look intact.

Evening Diva
Make-up: It will instantly make you look elegant. You can play up the eyes and make it soft smoky with the trendy purple finish. Also, add a pop colour to your pout and finish with a gloss.
Hair Style: You can bunch up your hair into a textured bun for an evening do and wear a hair accessory.

look1Dancefloor Queen
Make-up: As the day progresses, you may get a bit tired. But the smartest way to hide it is with thick khol and strong smoky eyes. Keep the lips subtle with a hint of pink and a dash of highlight on the cheeks.

Hair Style: Pull back your hair and tie it in a nice pony tail, keeping the crown section interesting with a puff.

Hope these three make-up and hairstyle ideas help you to stand out as wow!
-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Sameer Mangtani

Make n Hair: Jharna Shah Makeup &
Hair Academy
Boutique Salon Spa in Juhu, Mumbai

Wardrobe credit: Designer Sujata & Sanjay

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