Live the WoW!

There is something magical about being able to translate your creative vision into a more tangible form that one can view and review from time to time…

Of course there will be ‘opinions’ about it and ‘they’ will only help me to fine-tune myself further.So Thank You all!!!

The best part is that it made me feel ‘WoW’ about being able to put it together…

This was my first brush with YouTube and I really relish the experience.

-Sayanti Banerjee

Celebrate Golden Romance…

Who would want to celebrate a ‘Hug Day’ on 12th Feb? Well, it may be worth doing so for a change. Well, since we are all so busy doing everything else, these tender human emotions have taken a back seat, completely. As you live upto the countdown to Valentine’s Day and celebrate love, get cozy with your sweetheart and relish the moments of togetherness and let romance bloom!

glam up evening doClothes: For a quick evening date, glam up in a golden outfit that will bring on a divalicious glow quite effortlessly. A rose motif will make it more romantic. I choose an off shoulder, short dress since it has a nice fit and gets me compliments always. Such a tied and tested option makes sense when you have to go post work and have to quickly change into a glam avatar.glam hairdo

Makeup: Though I usually prefer to do my own makeup, I again got my friend Pooja Karnani, an expert makeup artist, to help me out. I had really liked the look she had created for me earlier and now it was time to experiment with an evening look. She did purple smoky eyes for me and to add a wide-eyed charm there was loads of mascara and a subtle, winged liner finish. She kept the lip colour coral chic and very sensuous. This makeup made me feel gorgeous and good to go!

Hair Style: I chose to keep my hair open but with an interesting twist than how I wear it on a regular day. So a deep side parting and the long fringes fell over the eyes on one side and made the style still manageable.

Accessories: Since the outfit and the makeup have a metallic sheen, I chose to tone down the accessories. A matt golden cuff and a clutch purse in beige were my only addons. The graphic motif of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the most romantic city in the world, was on the clutch purse to add to the romantic mood. For footwear I chose to wear a pair of comfortable golden peep toes.

Sayanti Banerjee
Photo Credit: Sumit Wankhede
Make-up: Pooja Karnani
Venue: I Makeup Studio

Love Barbie Doll cute!

While there can be no season, time, day for love, you can always express it better by celebrating it in a fun way. So I find the month of February more romantic than the rest of the year, thanks to St Valentine’s birthday coming up and a few more imaginative days leading upto it. floral skirt pop eyeshadow funky neck piece
As the countdown begins, indulge to your heart’s content in everything candy floss and cute.

When you are happy, does it really matter what ‘the world’ has to ‘approve of’?

Clothes: Pink makes a woman look pretty, no matter how young or old she is. So pull out a nice pink top, dress or whatever catches your fancy… You can always team it up with other colours. If you do not want to wear hearts on your leaves literally, opt for floral prints always rock. If you keep the look casual for the day, a little bit of make-up and accessory change can dress it up too for the evening, quite effortlessly.

Make-up: My friend Pooja Karnani who is an expert makeup artist helped me to get this Barbie doll glam. Pop colours from her eye shadow palate worked best for this look. The lips were kept soft with a hint of pieach-pink lip colour. She also helped to bring out the natural glow with a hint of apricot blush on the cheek. I felt dolled up and pretty instantly!

Hair Style: Simply leave your hair open and keep it playful.

Accessories: A funky neck piece will add a hot, glam quotient to your over all style statement.
Footwear: Make sure to opt for a comfortable pair and a subtle colour of footwear will keep the bright outfit and pop make up looking cute and not loud.

Love is madness, but that madness is LOVE!!!

– Sayanti Banerjee

Candid Pix: Sumit Wankhede
Make-up: Pooja Karnani
Venue: I Makeup Studio

‘Wow’ Celeb Lessons!!!

There is something celestial about a celebrity and no wonder they are called ‘stars’! But when I got to know some of them up close and personal, I realized that there is a lot that it takes not only to get there but stay put, high up on that pedestal. Over a candid chat with one of tinsel town’s reigning divas –Jacqueline Fernades, here are a few golden rules that I picked up as ‘wow’ grooming tips!hat jq2   jq1

The art of patience is worth practicing. It is not all glam and no sweat. In fact, as a glam diva, one has to stay on her toes literally by wearing heels, standing through events, waiting for the shot, dancing and the likes, day in and day out. Also, a day can go beyond 12 hours and without following the clock. So ‘action’ and ‘pack up’ of a shift is never defined by the time bands and even the most popular actress needs to hold on to her tantrums and go with the flow of tinsel town.

Exercise is nonnegotiable in order to stay fit as well as fit into the clothes that you desire. Even if you do not like to hit the gym, there are a number of other alternatives to try out like – dancing, swimming, yoga, Pilates, trekking, walking or whatever keeps you active and energetic. You will not only look different but also feel the difference once you start exercising regularly.

The Magic of Make-up comes through when it looks as natural as possible, even though you have applied all your favourite products. It should be so subtle that you would not want the world to know the ‘effort’ that has gone into looking ‘effortlessly beautiful’!

Oozing optimism can make you more attractive as a person and enhance your over all charm. You simply need to radiate a positive attitude in whatever you do and that will spread a happy vibe around you.

The power of smile is always a saving grace. The minute you start showing your anger, the state of calm and happiness goes for a toss and your skin stops looking happy and fresh as before. Even if you are irritated, tired, restless, smiling your way through the day will help to cut down on stress and keep the glow on your face grow more radiant.

-Sayanti Banerjee