Fit into summer

Does summer time make you feel more exhausted and lazy? Well, these are not ‘good enough’ excuses for allowing the heat to over power you and make your body look less hot…Relax
The idea is to beat the soaring mercury levels and get into shape to be able to flaunt the summer trends in sexy silhouttes. Sleeveless tops, one shoulder dresses, short skits, hot pants, high slit gowns are all in vogue to keep things stylish. So an extra flab popping out would make you feel conscious and take away from the over all look that you would want to sport. Here’s how to get hotter this season.
In order to motivate yourself, wear interesting active gear that look fashionable and uplifts your mood instantly. Go for pastels as they are tending this season and are cooler tones  bend Stretch yogatoo.
Also, waking up early each morning is always a great idea and you would start believing in it once you are able to do so for a week at least. Just try!
The weather will be pleasant so you can be out in the open and opt for simple workouts like stretching and yoga poses that won’t make you sweat profusely yet keep you in great shape. Take a cue from these or invent your own but make sure you relax and have fun at the same time!

Sayanti Banerjee
Photo Credit: Shawan valentino
Venue: Gym @ Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai

Splash on Happy Hues

Colours are a part of life and when it comes to an age old festival that is about drenching in various hues, why should one not indulge?painted car

I remember that as a child I used to love Holi, but now that the love for my skin and hair has outdone it, I prefer to stay away from the mad colour splashing. But this year it’s going to be a WoW Holi Holiday, thanks to a colourful party idea that I got from an art brunch last weekend. My friend had invited me for a Special Art Brunch at The Westin Mumbai Garden City and I was happy to be there since everything else was looking dull and grey with the overcast sky. colourful pasta

vibrant dessertsI was happily surprised that the brunch was organized in an innovate way to celebrate the spirit of colours. While raising a toast for a colourful feast curated by Executive Chef- Rahul Dhavale, the guests enjoyed watching celebrity artist Sangeeta Babani colourful cakesrecreate her ‘canvas magic’ with live painting on a BMW car. The hues of the food and the drinks resonated the mood and added to the ambiance perfectly. It almost seemed like a rainbow happening on grass that smiled back at the sudden rains in Mumbai.

-Sayanti Banerjee