Lime Time

Since summer is about cooling off with soothing drinks, you can extend it to your fashion statement as well. A colour that will make you refreshingly ready for this season is – L-I-M-E!

Summer Fashion Statement

You can sport this citrus hue in ethnic, fusion or western wear with élan. I took my pick from fashion designer Shilpa Khandelwal’s latest collection. It made for a ‘wow’ outfit for a mid-week brunch.
Here’s how you can select an attire that will be hot on trend #
• A well fitted, western silhouette looks smart for most occasions.
• If carrying off a colour like lime in solids make you hesitant, break it up with interesting prints, self-embellishments and subtle embroidery. It will make the overall style more graceful.
• Keep accessories minimal, like a statement ear ring or a cocktail ring to go with your outfit. White silver complements the colour lime better than yellow gold.

Watch out for these smart tips to shop for a ‘wow’ summer wardrobe and look hotter than the season!

Wardrobe Credit: Shilpa K by fashion designer Shilpa Khandelwal

Photo Credit: Mandar

-Sayanti Banerjee

Wakeup to wow breakfast!

Summer mornings are pleasant before the sun takes centre stage in the sky. So make the most of the early hours of the day by waking up early. You can get your workout session done and follow it up with a healthy yet yummy breakfast. Here’s one such home style cafe The Nutcracker Mumbai that you must visit to indulge in a wow platter with the old Bombay charm. cafe coffee n burgermint drink   spreadBegin with a cool drink like a Mint Lemonade to make you feel all good inside. If you love eggs, then opt for Salli eggs that looks and tastes exotic for sure.

Barley and cracked wheat upma will help you keep to your diet as well.

You can try out salads, French toasts or mini burgers with interesting stuffing that too are quite healthy with loads of fresh veggies. But if you are in the mood for a ‘cheat diet’ then head straight for the pancakes or the Seven layered cookie that are ‘sinfully good’.

As far as beverage is concerned, you can either opt for a coffee or Belgian hot chocolate to keep you buzzing with happiness all day.

With the doors being open at 9.30am, you will be right on time to enjoy a ‘KING size’ breakfast over the weekend or even on a week day, before reaching office. The café is cozy enough for a romantic breakfast date too. You can indulge ‘guilt free’ as you have the rest of the day to burn off the yummy calories!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Smart Summer Shopping Ideas

Candy colours never fail to make a girl look cute and this summer you can load your wardrobe with peach, lavender, cream, powder blue, lime, baby pink and more. These pastel hues are a rage across the globe and will keep you hot on trend this season!summer wow

Here’s what I chose to wear for a sun-downer party. This beautiful maxi dress from designer Shilpa Khandelwal’s latest collection ‘Daisies in the Forest’ made me feel ‘wow’ for the rest of the Sunday evening!
Watch out for:

  • A structured maxi dress with a mix and match of solid and laser floral prints that work perfectly for most occasions.
  • The corset fit top with an a-line finish silhouette makes it perfect for all body types.
  • In fact, the high waist not only elongates the body, specially in the case of a petite person but also takes away from the ‘flab on abs’ concern.

Simply go shopping for a pretty outfit and warm up to summer friendly hues!

Wardrobe Credit: Shilpa K by fashion designer Shilpa Khandelwal

Photo Credit: Mandar

-Sayanti Banerjee

‘Wow’ food find!

There is nothing exciting about a new café opening up, unless the platter turns out to be innovative. That makes Cafe Aylanto worth a try since they serve up interesting cuisine from Europe, Mediterranean and Southern American region.

Funghi repieni Kjebapchinja  Papas a la HuancainaSampling exotic world cuisine like Rustic garlic bread, Bulgarian salad speciality -Shopska, Spanish fish balls – Bolas de pescado, Wild Greek nachos, Peruvian sauce dips, Venezuelan cheese sticks and more, make Cafe Aylanto a Wow food find!sitting raea

Al Fresco 1I found the servings perfect for a healthy and happy meal. The food is not too spicy or over fried as it is just right.The salad and the dips on every platter are perfectly prepared to tease the taste buds.

Today being Thursday, if you are looking to unwind and distress yourself from a mid-week crisis, head to Cafe Aylanto post work. as an add on, Chef and food & beverage consultant, K. M Saif will be fun to chat up about world cuisine while this cool, hangout food joint at Versova can host you till 1 am as well!

-Sayanti Banerjee

‘Wow’ hairdos this Summer

Summer holidays are a luxury that only students can enjoy, but you still can sport some fun hair do to rope in the holiday feel. Sounds like a crazy idea? Trust me it is going to be fun and you can simply stir up some wow element into your otherwise routine. Here’s how to do it.

Sun kissed lookBack to schoolSun kissed look:

Summers are about the sunny colours, so try the ombre if you dare to wear a bit of blond in your hair.

Back to school:

Double pony tails at the nape of the neck can look cool and casual for a cute day look.Mickey mouse updoSundowner headgear

Mickey Mouse up do:

This is one of my favourites and never fails to look chic with any outfit and for any occasion. Simply pull up the double pony tails through hair dugouts and clip them neatly with invisible bob pins.

Sun-downer headgear:

Wearing a halo on the head literally can be quirky thing. So feel the wow as you let your hair down, don a wacky headgear and attend a sun-downer party this summer.

-Sayanti Banerjee

Friday Fashion fix!!!

It is Friday and after a long week, catching up with friends for coffee, drink or dinner is a great idea. While that sounds like a perfect de-stressing plan, what to wear might be giving you a bit of stress?party time LBD
Outfit: Simply opt for a little black dress as LBDs never fail to fit in for most occasions and across body types.
Accessories: As far as accessories are concerned, keep it simple to fit into the summery mood. A watch and a few trinkets might add a sporty quotient that is so much in fashion currently.
Shoes: If you are not in the mood of too much bling, a simple nude pair of pumps can take you from morning to night. Just step into a smart pair of shoes that feel comfortable as well?
Make-up: Keep the makeup subtle with soft smokey eyes and a bright pout. Hint of blush on the cheek will keep the look fresh.
Hairstyle: The beach waves are trending this season and you can glam up instantly by getting your hair loosely tonged. For a cute, girly finish, you can pin up the flicks on one side with interesting hair accessories. Finish with a holding spray to keep looking stunning all evening.

-Sayanti Banerjee

#Pose like a celeb

In this age of instagram, flirting with the camera is a cool thing. Guess who does it best, of course our red carpet divas, who never stop to grab all eyeballs and can teach us a lesson or two. Here’s how you too can learn the art of posing like a celebrity:so Lisa

• Flip through a fashion magazine to see how a model stands with ease and plays around with different postures.
• Watch out for the smart, chic, elegant, graceful body language of an actor or an actress every time they make a public appearance.
• Well, now that even the who’s who have made their presence felt on social media, you might want to follow your favourite fashion icons and upgrade your style quotient.
The idea is not about aping a celeb but evolving well groomed in the process. Simply get started!

-Sayanti Banerjee

WHO cares?

While World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April every year by World Health Organization (WHO), not many people know about it. I too don’t recall this day as a red-letter day on my calendar either but when it comes to celebrating good health, I am all for it! It is topping my priority list and it bothers me when I see a dear one or a friend not taking as much interest in their own health. How can you function if you are ill either physically or mentally?meditation

Well, even the ‘Oh So perfect’ celebs whom we almost ‘hero-worship’ are coming out of their closets these days to express their insecurities publicly. So Deepika Padukone’s phase of depression or Anushka Sharma’s confessions about anxiety are things that their audience can relate to more than their lovely diva avtaars.

Taking care of mental health is another name for de-stressing and keeping your calm through most situations.

  • To begin with- simply try closing your eyes and meditating for 10 minutes at least, in the morning or at the end of the day. You will feel the wow difference it can make to the way you perceive things.

For physical well being –

  • Instead of finding excuses to not workout, find out options that fit into your schedule the best. Walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, climbing stairs, swimming or whatever catches your fancy, can work wonders to tone your muscles and make you look WoW in no time!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee   

Woo the Monday blues

After an extra long weekend, thanks to Good Friday, Mondays seem to make me feel a bit lazy. I can feel the blues that Mondays are best known for and then it all seems to be a drag right from waking up early, hitting the gym, rushing to office, logging in on time and what follows next…Blue

Brewing happiness...
Brewing happiness…
  • But now that I have tried a few tricks to viewwoo the blues at the beginning of the week, Mondays seem just 4 days away from a weekend. Here’s a ‘wow’ plan that works and you can try as well:
    Wear blue clothes, literally to make the blues fashionable.
    Get a good workout in place to burn off those extra weekend calories and feel energized.
    Treat yourself to good coffee, hot chocolate or whichever beverage has a ‘pick-me-up’ effect on you right at breakfast.
    Make a to-do list that include fun things as well for later in the day like a dinner date, evening party, meeting friends, catching a movie or whatever you like to indulge in.
    Keep your smile on to feel happy instantly!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Chocolicious Easter Tea Party

Festivals are always fun, irrespective of which religion they belong to. Such is the ‘wow’ element of them all and it is up to you to indulge in happy times with friends and family. Here’s what I will try out this Easter, thanks to my friend Zeba Kohli for this ‘wow’ idea of a chocolicious tea party!Chocolate tea PARTY    face Dragons Future
Fantasie which is her brand of fine chocolates since 1946, has never failed to surprise me with their yummy treats. So when I got invited to a specially curated Easter Tea Party, I was excited, but on checking back on my calendar I realised that I would not be able to make it. So I decided to recreate the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience myself, by getting inspired from the same.Life on PanJust Hatched
My Easter Tea Party this weekend will have special range of almond and marzipan eggs created by FANTASIE Fine Chocolates, an array of colourful macaroons in strawberry, pistachio, cappuccino and passion fruit flavours, yummy cheesecakes, dark chocolate cakes for the ‘weight watchers’ and white chocolate desserts to tease the chocoholics!
For my guests, I will have green tea or black coffee by the side as an ideal option to balance the platter and keep their taste buds ready to indulge in a new flavour with every sip. It is going to be pure indulgence and so much fun!
Put on your ‘thinking caps’ and plan out a fun evening to make the Easter weekend feel WoW!
Sayanti Banerjee