Chocolicious Easter Tea Party

Festivals are always fun, irrespective of which religion they belong to. Such is the ‘wow’ element of them all and it is up to you to indulge in happy times with friends and family. Here’s what I will try out this Easter, thanks to my friend Zeba Kohli for this ‘wow’ idea of a chocolicious tea party!Chocolate tea PARTY    face Dragons Future
Fantasie which is her brand of fine chocolates since 1946, has never failed to surprise me with their yummy treats. So when I got invited to a specially curated Easter Tea Party, I was excited, but on checking back on my calendar I realised that I would not be able to make it. So I decided to recreate the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience myself, by getting inspired from the same.Life on PanJust Hatched
My Easter Tea Party this weekend will have special range of almond and marzipan eggs created by FANTASIE Fine Chocolates, an array of colourful macaroons in strawberry, pistachio, cappuccino and passion fruit flavours, yummy cheesecakes, dark chocolate cakes for the ‘weight watchers’ and white chocolate desserts to tease the chocoholics!
For my guests, I will have green tea or black coffee by the side as an ideal option to balance the platter and keep their taste buds ready to indulge in a new flavour with every sip. It is going to be pure indulgence and so much fun!
Put on your ‘thinking caps’ and plan out a fun evening to make the Easter weekend feel WoW!
Sayanti Banerjee

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