Woo the Monday blues

After an extra long weekend, thanks to Good Friday, Mondays seem to make me feel a bit lazy. I can feel the blues that Mondays are best known for and then it all seems to be a drag right from waking up early, hitting the gym, rushing to office, logging in on time and what follows next…Blue

Brewing happiness...
Brewing happiness…
  • But now that I have tried a few tricks to viewwoo the blues at the beginning of the week, Mondays seem just 4 days away from a weekend. Here’s a ‘wow’ plan that works and you can try as well:
    Wear blue clothes, literally to make the blues fashionable.
    Get a good workout in place to burn off those extra weekend calories and feel energized.
    Treat yourself to good coffee, hot chocolate or whichever beverage has a ‘pick-me-up’ effect on you right at breakfast.
    Make a to-do list that include fun things as well for later in the day like a dinner date, evening party, meeting friends, catching a movie or whatever you like to indulge in.
    Keep your smile on to feel happy instantly!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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