WHO cares?

While World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April every year by World Health Organization (WHO), not many people know about it. I too don’t recall this day as a red-letter day on my calendar either but when it comes to celebrating good health, I am all for it! It is topping my priority list and it bothers me when I see a dear one or a friend not taking as much interest in their own health. How can you function if you are ill either physically or mentally?meditation

Well, even the ‘Oh So perfect’ celebs whom we almost ‘hero-worship’ are coming out of their closets these days to express their insecurities publicly. So Deepika Padukone’s phase of depression or Anushka Sharma’s confessions about anxiety are things that their audience can relate to more than their lovely diva avtaars.

Taking care of mental health is another name for de-stressing and keeping your calm through most situations.

  • To begin with- simply try closing your eyes and meditating for 10 minutes at least, in the morning or at the end of the day. You will feel the wow difference it can make to the way you perceive things.

For physical well being –

  • Instead of finding excuses to not workout, find out options that fit into your schedule the best. Walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, climbing stairs, swimming or whatever catches your fancy, can work wonders to tone your muscles and make you look WoW in no time!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee   

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