Friday Fashion fix!!!

It is Friday and after a long week, catching up with friends for coffee, drink or dinner is a great idea. While that sounds like a perfect de-stressing plan, what to wear might be giving you a bit of stress?party time LBD
Outfit: Simply opt for a little black dress as LBDs never fail to fit in for most occasions and across body types.
Accessories: As far as accessories are concerned, keep it simple to fit into the summery mood. A watch and a few trinkets might add a sporty quotient that is so much in fashion currently.
Shoes: If you are not in the mood of too much bling, a simple nude pair of pumps can take you from morning to night. Just step into a smart pair of shoes that feel comfortable as well?
Make-up: Keep the makeup subtle with soft smokey eyes and a bright pout. Hint of blush on the cheek will keep the look fresh.
Hairstyle: The beach waves are trending this season and you can glam up instantly by getting your hair loosely tonged. For a cute, girly finish, you can pin up the flicks on one side with interesting hair accessories. Finish with a holding spray to keep looking stunning all evening.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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