‘Wow’ hairdos this Summer

Summer holidays are a luxury that only students can enjoy, but you still can sport some fun hair do to rope in the holiday feel. Sounds like a crazy idea? Trust me it is going to be fun and you can simply stir up some wow element into your otherwise routine. Hereโ€™s how to do it.

Sun kissed lookBack to schoolSun kissed look:

Summers are about the sunny colours, so try the ombre if you dare to wear a bit of blond in your hair.

Back to school:

Double pony tails at the nape of the neck can look cool and casual for a cute day look.Mickey mouse updoSundowner headgear

Mickey Mouse up do:

This is one of my favourites and never fails to look chic with any outfit and for any occasion. Simply pull up the double pony tails through hair dugouts and clip them neatly with invisible bob pins.

Sun-downer headgear:

Wearing a halo on the head literally can be quirky thing. So feel the wow as you let your hair down, don a wacky headgear and attend a sun-downer party this summer.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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