‘Wow’ food find!

There is nothing exciting about a new café opening up, unless the platter turns out to be innovative. That makes Cafe Aylanto worth a try since they serve up interesting cuisine from Europe, Mediterranean and Southern American region.

Funghi repieni Kjebapchinja  Papas a la HuancainaSampling exotic world cuisine like Rustic garlic bread, Bulgarian salad speciality -Shopska, Spanish fish balls – Bolas de pescado, Wild Greek nachos, Peruvian sauce dips, Venezuelan cheese sticks and more, make Cafe Aylanto a Wow food find!sitting raea

Al Fresco 1I found the servings perfect for a healthy and happy meal. The food is not too spicy or over fried as it is just right.The salad and the dips on every platter are perfectly prepared to tease the taste buds.

Today being Thursday, if you are looking to unwind and distress yourself from a mid-week crisis, head to Cafe Aylanto post work. as an add on, Chef and food & beverage consultant, K. M Saif will be fun to chat up about world cuisine while this cool, hangout food joint at Versova can host you till 1 am as well!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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