Wakeup to wow breakfast!

Summer mornings are pleasant before the sun takes centre stage in the sky. So make the most of the early hours of the day by waking up early. You can get your workout session done and follow it up with a healthy yet yummy breakfast. Here’s one such home style cafe The Nutcracker Mumbai that you must visit to indulge in a wow platter with the old Bombay charm. cafe coffee n burgermint drink   spreadBegin with a cool drink like a Mint Lemonade to make you feel all good inside. If you love eggs, then opt for Salli eggs that looks and tastes exotic for sure.

Barley and cracked wheat upma will help you keep to your diet as well.

You can try out salads, French toasts or mini burgers with interesting stuffing that too are quite healthy with loads of fresh veggies. But if you are in the mood for a ‘cheat diet’ then head straight for the pancakes or the Seven layered cookie that are ‘sinfully good’.

As far as beverage is concerned, you can either opt for a coffee or Belgian hot chocolate to keep you buzzing with happiness all day.

With the doors being open at 9.30am, you will be right on time to enjoy a ‘KING size’ breakfast over the weekend or even on a week day, before reaching office. The café is cozy enough for a romantic breakfast date too. You can indulge ‘guilt free’ as you have the rest of the day to burn off the yummy calories!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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