Lime Time

Since summer is about cooling off with soothing drinks, you can extend it to your fashion statement as well. A colour that will make you refreshingly ready for this season is – L-I-M-E!

Summer Fashion Statement

You can sport this citrus hue in ethnic, fusion or western wear with élan. I took my pick from fashion designer Shilpa Khandelwal’s latest collection. It made for a ‘wow’ outfit for a mid-week brunch.
Here’s how you can select an attire that will be hot on trend #
• A well fitted, western silhouette looks smart for most occasions.
• If carrying off a colour like lime in solids make you hesitant, break it up with interesting prints, self-embellishments and subtle embroidery. It will make the overall style more graceful.
• Keep accessories minimal, like a statement ear ring or a cocktail ring to go with your outfit. White silver complements the colour lime better than yellow gold.

Watch out for these smart tips to shop for a ‘wow’ summer wardrobe and look hotter than the season!

Wardrobe Credit: Shilpa K by fashion designer Shilpa Khandelwal

Photo Credit: Mandar

-Sayanti Banerjee

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