Cool Tea Trends

Let me confess that I am not a tea drinker but giving a miss to colas, smoothies and cold coffee that lead to weight gain, I choose to say cheers to tea this summer!

Cheers to Tea
Cheers to Tea

In fact, when it comes to the most popular drink in India, it is undoubtedly tea! No wonder that the popularity of this beverage dates back to history and goes across generations…

Ruby Delight
Ruby Delight
Fruity Notes
Fruity Notes

A contemporary brand like Tea Culture Of The World offers a few ‘wow’ recipes not only to quench your thirst but also blend in good health and rich aroma that will simply boost your senses. I have tried a few of these exotic flavours that are refreshingly different.

Here’s what you can indulge in them as well:

Strawberry Love
Strawberry Love

# If you are someone who enjoys fruity flavours, then savour the sweet essence of seasonal fruits with ‘Fruit Bliss’. You can prepare it in warm water and let it cool down before you refrigerate and enjoy it chilled.

# As far as ‘Strawberry Farm’ is concerned, you have to be someone who can never get bored of strawberries. This flavour is a girl’s favourite and the tinge of ruby pink makes it more presentable in a sparkling glass vessel. Choose to have it cold with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream and whisk it into a delicious mock-tail.

#As the name suggests, ‘Cool me down’ is a subtle flavour that has an instant ‘destressing effect’. Best to enjoy it as lukewarm. Sipping onto a cuppa at work or after a long day will be a soothing experience.

Here’s raising a toast to your innovative  beverage this season!
-Sayanti Banerjee

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