Glamup your crowning glory

Do you feel ‘wow’ when you look at the mirror? If not, then it is time to bounce back in style.

The quickest way to do so is by changing your hairstyle! No wonder it is called the ‘crowning glory’ and when you wear it fashionably, you sure make all heads turn.

Here’s the way to do it:

Grecian braid
Grecian braid

Grecian braid:

You can upgrade your look even on a bad hair day with these neat braids at the crown and pin them up behind your ears. Let the rest of your tresses fall over your shoulders gracefully. This hairstyle looks red-carpet chic instantly.

Side swept pony
Side swept pony

Side swept pony:

This style is cute and sexy at the same time. You can dress it up with accessories to take the look from casual to party glam.

Back to school bands
Back to school bands

Back to school bands:

If you wish to keep your hair open with a casual outfit, simply opt for a hair band that goes colour coordinated with your outfit. It looks effortless and fresh for a day out in the sun.

Go fishy:

A fishtail braid can take you from day to evening without having a hair out of place. Just wear it in style and keep the texture a bit messy for a boho-chic appeal.

Go fishy
Go fishy

Try them all over the weekend and smile through more compliments that come your way for spending just 5 more minutes to do your hair in style!

–Sayanti Banerjee

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