#3-way-wonder accessory

You can instantly upgrade the fashion quotient of a simple outfit with a scarf. What’s more, you can actually try out three different styles with the same piece and look different every time.
Here how to be wow:

simple scarf
around the neck
head gear
as quirky headgear
braid bow
as a pretty bow braid

#Go Classic:
Wear it around your neck over a fringe top to add a hint to classic to your otherwise contemporary outfit.

#Get Quirky:
Pull back your hair into a bun and tie the scarf as a loop around the crown and finish in a bow with a central knot. You can get sporty with a quirky headgear look.

#Glam Chic:
A braid can look simple but by adding a big bow at the end, you can transform it to an effortlessly chic hairstyle.

This is the simplest to try out and you can wear it with any outfit and across m,ost occasions.

– Sayanti Banerjee

Photo credit- Yogita Verma
Wardrobe: Fringe top # adidas, hot pants #H&M, Slik scarf #LovefromIndia, watch from #GUESS

Dress like a #Princess

Women love to ‘day dream’ about a number of things and clothes tops that ‘never-ending’ wish-list…

So if you are still wondering on a Wednesday afternoon what to wear for that Friday evening party, you can start surfing for options like I did. The ‘key words’ that I had in mind were –#Hollywood #fashion #redcarpt #style #glamour #elegance and more…

Though there were loads of options to choose from, I finally found this attire from La Tej by fashion designer Tejal Kandpile, that made me feel like a princess in a wink.

Feel like a Princess
A WoW evening gown

Here’s what makes it ‘WoW’:

#The blend of fabrics like cotton, satin and Georgette make this ‘diva silhouette’ a perfect amalgamation of structure and fluidity. You can wear this gown to an evening do and look red-carpet -chic instantly.

#The colour scheme complements most complexions as this maxi dress has a rust red bustier teamed up with grayish blue long skirt. The matte gold, sequin embellishments upgrade the royal feel of the attire.

#The curved embroidered yoke, the motif of two fierce lions roaring and the keyhole cut-work will boost your glam quotient effortlessly.

Keep the makeup classy to complement the ensemble. Keep the skin dewy with a hint of your natural glow, define the eyes with a soft, smokey brown eye shadow and opt for a classy red pout to finish this look. Leave the hair open to cascade down naturally over one shoulder and make heads turn.

Looking gorgeous just got easy!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo credit: Aanchal Dhara photography

Wardrobe credit: La Tej by fashion designer Tejal Kandpile

Venue: Cafe Aylanto

‘Hungry Bird’ Anybody?

fun food
Hungry Bird
WoW find
Sovaor the flavor

It is just Tuesday, but your heart is longing to get to the weekend… For an instant ‘pick-me-up’ feel, go out for dinner post work?

Try savoring the flavors from across the world with mouth-watering cuisines from Spain, Peru, Thailand and beyond for a happy change!
‘Hungry Bird’ in Seven Bunglows, Andheri West, was my ‘Wow’ food find last week and I do not mind going back for more this evening!

Here are the lip-smacking, mood boosters from the exotic platter that you must indulge in:

#Papas ala diabla
Chunks of fried potato tossed with cream, cheese, chipotle and black pepper

#Huevo cabreados
Spanish way of fried egg and shoestring fries, served with aioli and spicy tomato salsa

#Anticuchos de pollo
Peruvian chicken skewers marinated with olive oil and amazing garnishing

Though a small eating joint, what makes it ‘WoW’ is the fact that the food is served with love!

Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit- Yogita Verma

Street shopping bliss

street shopping
Go Street shopping
Sporty Tee

Let the ‘snobbish crowd’ say ‘eww’ to street shopping, bargain hunters love it! Well, I find it ‘Wow’ when I am able to pick up something that keeps my friends guessing ‘which designer label’…
So before you step into those plush boutiques again, try some ‘non branded’ retail therapy for a change.

Here are the top #3 things to watch out for:


Cool starry pants
Choose carefully
accessories are fun

#Quality of the fabric is important but go by the style that you find ‘WoW’. Things keep going in and out of fashion, so it should be durable enough to last you for the current season at least…

#Simply check out the stitches by turning the garment inside out.

Footwear too

#A garment that has a ‘stretchability’ factor usually will be a smart fit, even if you do not get to try it on before purchasing.

Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit- Yogita Verma

It’s Tequila Friday

Today is not an ordinary Friday if you plan to celebrate Tequila Day… Post-work and pre-weekend most of us anyways plan to catch up with friends over a drink and here’s how you can get ready to say cheers to some good fun!

office look
Office look
cool accessories
Cheers to Tequila
Friday party look

To office

You can wear your short evening dress to office if you do not wish to carry change with you. Simply make it look more formal by throwing on a cape, crop jacket or blazer.

Makeup: Minimal works best when at work, so keep it simple with a good base for the skin to look fresh and add a hint of colour to your lips.

Hair: You can try an updo style, bun or even a power pony tail for work.

To party

Outfit: Simply remove the cape, crop jacket or blazer that you donned for the formal feel all day. Less accessories work better, so keep it to chimes, watch and a clutch purse.

Makeup: Upgrade your day makeup look with smoky eyes and glossy pout. You can highlight your cheekbones with a dash of blush and keep it sexy chic.

Hair: Pull down your hair and toss it on one side. Feel Wow as you look back into the mirror and go party!

– Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit- Yogita Verma

3 ‘Do it anywhere’ yoga poses/ stretches

Mid-week laziness is a given but you can turn things around by ‘stretching’ yourself literally!
Here are 3 Yoga stretches that you can try out at any place, any time of the day to feel rejuvenated instantly.

Here’s how to feel Wow:spinal twist warrior pose relax

Stretch your torso with warrior poses: Keeping your left leg firm on the floor, lift your right leg and bend your knee. Hold it with your right hand but make sure to balance yourself at the same time. Now stretch your left hand forward and hold the pose for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Release the posture and repeat the same on the other side.

• Twist the spine and distress: Sit on an even floor, cross your legs one over the other such that your right knee touches the floor and the left knee is perpendicular. Twist your body to hold your feet with your hands as seen in the pix. This will release all stress from your body and make you feel flexible instantly.

• Sit up straight and relax: Though it seems the simplest thing to do, having an erect posture is very important. Keeping the backbone straight, fold your legs as you sit in padmasan or the lotus pose. Rest your hands by the side, touching your knees in the divine pose and breathe easy.

Spending just 6 minutes of your ‘me time’ to workout – can make you feel worth a million dollars. Try!

– Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit- Yogita Verma

Classic Cocktail Ready

Classy Cocktail Gown
Go Retro Chic

When it comes to getting your look right for a cocktail party, the right outfit makes all the difference. You would not want to look ‘rock-chic’ in western, blingy silhouettes as if you are going out clubbing OR go traditional in ethnic wear…
I recently picked up a classic cocktail gown from La Tej by fashion designer Tejal Kandpile. It seemed to be simply WoW.
Here’s why you should own it:

#This black long dress has the perfect length to make you look graceful across occasions.

#Box pleat detailing can slim down your figure and make you stand tall.

#The antique embroidered band works as a self-embellishment, so you can go easy on wearing accessories and look effortlessly classy.

#The pure brocade and cotton satin fabric makes you feel like a princess instantly.

So then you can simply keep the makeup and hairdo minimal and look retro chic.
Now you can say cheers to a gala evening do in style!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo credit: Aanchal Dhara photography
Wardrobe credit: La Tej by fashion designer Tejal Kandpile
Venue: Cafe Aylanto

Healthy snacking @Workstation

Nacho fun
Healthy snacking

Like it is said – ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and you should relish it literally!
I enjoyed getting spoilt for choice, as I took my pick from the 7 scrumptious flavors of Tex-Mex flavored nacho chips from AllThat’sGood.
It works best as my work station snacking option.
Indulge in the goodness of 100% farm-fresh, imported yellow corn tossed up in a recipe that dates back to 1943.
There is also a desi twist that keeps the experience lip smacking!
Top 3 flavours that I love are:
Try some and spice up your Tuesday!

– Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Yogita Verma

Monday Magic Makeup

Look WoW
no makeup look
No Makeup

Makeup is like magic that can totally transform the way you feel on a Monday. But if you keep applying the same set of cosmetics in the ‘formula way’, then you would obviously not be able to experience the Wow. Get innovative and try out something interesting like a ‘No Makeup’ look with just 3 Maybelline products like I did.

Here’s how it works for a post-work outing:

radiance Maybelline New York Nudes Palette 2 colour show orange icon# I first applied Maybelline BB cream – Clear Glow – 02 Radiance on my face. I love the texture and the subtle, soft finish it has and makes the skin look flawless.

# Ever since I discovered The Nudes palette of eye shadows, it has become my ‘go to’ solution. I can use the shades of brown, beige and black to define my eyes in as many ways as I can imagine. As an add on, I groom my eyebrow with the tan brown colour and contour my face with the same. It’s a 3 way wonder product for me!

# Since I wanted to keep the lips soft, I opted for a hint coral with Color Show – Orange icon lipstick and felt picture perfect instantly!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Weekend indulgence = ‘Guilt Trip’

Party Ready
Take the ‘Guilt Trip’
WoW Weekend Indulgence

Friday makes you feel ‘party ready’ and as an ‘instant mood lifter’ you crave for sweet treats… Relish the ‘happy stress’ liker – what to wear, who to invite and how to plan it with a few ‘sweet sins’.
Take a cue from my ‘party platter’ and it looks like this already, thanks to ‘Guilt Trip’:

# Indulge in the – Red Velvet Cream Cheese cake, Baked Cinnamon Pecan baked cheesecake, Italian Mousse cake – as they are worth ‘self pampering’

# Cup cakes with exotic flavours and colours like mint green, amber orange and caramel white are ‘picture perfect’ as gifting options too

# If you still wish to keep to your ‘diet’ but can ‘cheat a bit’, indulge in mini cupcakes that will help you do a ‘portion control’ at the same time!

Simply take that ‘guilt trip’ this weekend and feel WoW!

-Sayanti Banerjee