Weekend indulgence = ‘Guilt Trip’

Party Ready
Take the ‘Guilt Trip’
WoW Weekend Indulgence

Friday makes you feel ‘party ready’ and as an ‘instant mood lifter’ you crave for sweet treats… Relish the ‘happy stress’ liker – what to wear, who to invite and how to plan it with a few ‘sweet sins’.
Take a cue from my ‘party platter’ and it looks like this already, thanks to ‘Guilt Trip’:

# Indulge in the – Red Velvet Cream Cheese cake, Baked Cinnamon Pecan baked cheesecake, Italian Mousse cake – as they are worth ‘self pampering’

# Cup cakes with exotic flavours and colours like mint green, amber orange and caramel white are ‘picture perfect’ as gifting options too

# If you still wish to keep to your ‘diet’ but can ‘cheat a bit’, indulge in mini cupcakes that will help you do a ‘portion control’ at the same time!

Simply take that ‘guilt trip’ this weekend and feel WoW!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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