Street shopping bliss

street shopping
Go Street shopping
Sporty Tee

Let the ‘snobbish crowd’ say ‘eww’ to street shopping, bargain hunters love it! Well, I find it ‘Wow’ when I am able to pick up something that keeps my friends guessing ‘which designer label’…
So before you step into those plush boutiques again, try some ‘non branded’ retail therapy for a change.

Here are the top #3 things to watch out for:


Cool starry pants
Choose carefully
accessories are fun

#Quality of the fabric is important but go by the style that you find ‘WoW’. Things keep going in and out of fashion, so it should be durable enough to last you for the current season at least…

#Simply check out the stitches by turning the garment inside out.

Footwear too

#A garment that has a ‘stretchability’ factor usually will be a smart fit, even if you do not get to try it on before purchasing.

Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit- Yogita Verma

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