Have you stepped into the right boots yet?

Without a pair of boots, your winter fashion statement will be incomplete… So it’s time to bring them out from your wardrobe or go shopping for them now! If you get spoilt for choice by the variety of styles that are on the shelves, here’s how you need to pick them to suit your style.


Keep these in mind as you go boot hunting:

Colour: Now you can get boots in every possible colour, so be smart to know what will complement your clothes.

  • Black, tan, fawn and brown go with most outfits, so if it is your only pair of boots, invest wisely in a neutral shade that you can wear more often.
  • If you wish to indulge, then go all out and splurge on grey, blue, red or colourful ones as you wish. They work best for colour blocking when you sport them with LBS.

Style: The length of the boots can vary from the ankle to calf or even higher. Go for the ones according to your body type and personality.

  • If you are tall, a pair of knee-length boots will not throw your body off-proportion.
  • But if you are not very tall or a bit on the heavier side, try to keep your boots ankle length or mid-calf length at the most.


  • During the day – simple, no fuss styles work best, so you might wish to wear flats, platforms or kitten heels.
  • For the evening –Block, pencil or stiletto heels with embellishments, prints, fur and the likes upgrade the glam quotient, if you are heading out for a romantic dinner or a party.

Simply step into your pair of boots and make a trendy style statement that spells ‘WoW’!

-Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit: Bhagyashri Pandey

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