Bring on the Champagne hue…

It’s the last day of 2015 and you can’t wait to step into a whole new year…

Now that’s a ‘WoW’ feeling in itself and you need to live up to it with a gala celebration. As the countdown to the New Year’s Eve begins, here’s how you can look your best at the party and dazzle like never before. Get inspired by the champagne hues and let it define you?

 HAPPY NEW 2016 !!!

-Sayanti Banerjee


Have you shopped for your party dress yet?

It’s going to be New Year’s Eve in just 3 days!!! So what are you waiting for…
Retail therapy is always a pleasure but if you don’t know what to shop for, that might lead to some stress.
Here are the trends that you can watch out for as you buy that WoW dress to step in style from 2015 to 2016…

Body type: They can make any girl look pretty. But depending on the body shape, you need to play around with the ruffles. Those who are heavier on the upper body should keep the ruffles up to the bottom half of the body only. If you are heavier on the bottom, then, wear ruffles around the neck, chest and sleeves but avoid the lower body from the waist.
What’s best: The rosette motifs are delicate and add a feminine grace to the body.
Colours: Floral shades, specially that of rose looks beautiful for a winter evening.

Body type: Suits all body types and can camouflage the bulges quite effortlessly.
What’s best: The vertical strands of threads create an optical illusion by adding length to the body and making you stand tall and lean.
Colours: Opt for beige, matte gold or silver that has a hint of shine as well.

Body type: Bling reflects light and can draw attention to your figure. So if you are confident to go bold and beautiful, wear an all-sequin dress. If you wish to play safe, then go for a mix and match of sequin and solid colours depending on which part of your body you wish to accentuate or hide.
What’s best: They add a dazzling effect to your look and you can go without accessories if you wish. It’s perfect for making a fashion statement this party season without going over-the-top.
Colours: The metallic shades are out now so pick a pop colour to keep your look fun and quirky.

Go shopping this Monday evening for a change and make it wow. It is the last one of 2015 so better not feel the blues today!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Christmas n Healthy Treats?

As the Christmas countdown begins, you must be getting ready to party with your friends and dear ones. As far as playing Santa Clause and gifting them is concerned, what all do you have in your mind…

Instead of the usual chocolates and sweet meats, why not opt for a healthier option?

I came across yesterday and ordered for a box of munching options that won’t spoil my diet.


Here are the ‘WoW’ picks:

1.      WholeWheat Belgian Chocochip Waffle as the name suggests, its made of whole wheat but tastes like Belgian waffles with a honey twig.

2.      Roasted Soyabean Mix Roasted soyabeans, watermelon seeds and roasted masoor. Soyabean being the only vegetable food with all essential amino acids, this snack is high on protein and fibre.

3.      Roasted Mexican Chickpeas a power packed combination of high protein and fiber. They are vegan, gluten-free and contain high levels of iron, vitamin B-6 and magnesium.

I am yet to try the Oat Honey and Raisin Cookies, Fruit Medley and Hot Wasabi Peanuts. Best part is that one can indulge guilt free in them as they taste yummy and are healthy too!

As of now, I am getting a weekly pack of some of the snackables mixed together for my Chrismas eve party! Hope that my friends like my idea of healthy snacking too…

-Sayanti Banerjee

16 things to do before it’s 2016!!!

While the whole world is gearing up to make and follow resolutions in the coming year, you can get started now. Here are sixteen things that you can do before bidding good bye to 2015 and feel wow!

#16 Sort your cupboard and rediscover your party clothes.
#15 Undo the mess at your work station n decorate.
#14 Draw up an ‘I Want to’ wish-list for the last few days of the year.
#13 Keep to your fitness plan before you gorge on those yummy calories.
#12 Detox your mind by meditating for just 5 minutes before you go to bed.
#11 Get that hair cut you always wanted.
#10 Go over-the-top OTT with makeup if required to experiment with colours.


16 things to do before it’s 2016!!!

#9 Make a list of those ‘Sorry’ n ‘Thank you’ that have been pending for long…
#8 Play Santa and give gifts to all those you care for.
#7 Fill your 2016 planner with +ve ‘I will’ resolutions instead of –ve ‘I won’t’ ones…
#6 Watch every movie that released this year but you missed for some reason so far…
#5 Pamper yourself with a spa massage?
#4 Sign up for a hobby class that you wish to attend in new year.
#3 Plan that ‘dream holiday’ that you can look forward to in 2016.
#2 Party each day, just the way you want!!!
#1 Live up each day of 2015 before it’s 2016!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Have u tried the lip trick yet?

Making a beauty statement gets easy when you sport that perfect pout…
Get the look for this party season in 3 quick steps. Here’s how to make it WoW:


1# Apply a lip balm to soften your puckers. Keep it on for a minute.

2# Press a paper tissue on your lips to remove the excess balm as well as the dead skin along with it.

3# Use a matte finish liquid lip colour to outline and fill the pout.

What’s trending: Shades of pink are really hot this season.
For the day: You can wear a pale, rosy hue on your lips.
For the night: a bright fuchsia pink works perfectly for a chic evening do or a party look!

– Sayanti Banerjee

3 earring styles to own this party season

With the holiday countdown beginning to speed up, what are on your fashionable wish-list?

Having shopped for that pretty dress and perfect pair of shoes, you might still be wondering how to add that ‘wow’ element to upgrade your style quotient…

Here’s what you can try now:

3 earring styles to own this party seasonearings


#Feather n chain earrings:

  • These are the new dangler styles now.
  • You can go for colour blocking by picking up a bright shade of the feathery extensions that contrast the colour of your attire.
  • The chains can extend up to your shoulder and you can in fact wear it on a single ear too. A side swept hairstyle that fall over the other shoulder, would work the magic!

#Studs and patterns across the ear lobes:

  • If you wish to go subtle with your accessory statement then choose this simple yet sexy earring style.
  • You can wear tiny studs with extended patterns across the earlobe.
  • This looks best when you tie your hair up or pull off a wet hair look with a chic middle parting.

#Edgy ear cuffs:

  • You got to bring on your quirky element to be able to carry off an edgy ear cuff style.
  • It stands out well as a fashion forward accessory statement if you have a pixie haircut or a short bob!

It’s Friday already so get started, pick the style you like and get an instant WoW makeover!

 -Sayanti Banerjee

 Photo credit: Sanifa Dias

The Best of WoW!!!

My blog turning two feels WoW. It was unplanned but once I got started on 3rd Dec 2013, the happy journey continued. With a lot of encouragement from all you WoW people out there, here are some of the best of WoW posts.

I would love to know which ones you liked….






Sayanti Banerjee

Mid-week beauty makeover…


This winter give black liner and kohl pencil a break and go white. It will not only make you look different but also open up your eyes beautifully. You can do this look in just two steps and look wow.


Here’s how to sport this trend quite effortlessly:

 All that you need: An angular brush, white eyeshadow in cream texture and clear mascara.

The DIY of it:

Step 1:

Dip the angular brush into the eye shadow and trace a thin line on your upper eyelids, close to your eyelashes. Begin from the centre of the lids and then join it to the inner corners. Make sure your hand is steady and you make a clean sweep.

 Step 2:

Brush out the lashes with two coats of clear mascara.

Go by your eye shape:

For small eyes- you can make a thick line to make the peepers look bigger. Do not extend the wing beyond the outer corner of your eyes.

Big eyes- Make a thin line or even dots along your upper eyelid. You can extend the wing in any geometric shape that you like.

Keep in mind your complexion:

In fact, it works well for wheatish as well as dusky complexion. If you are on the fairer side, choose a champagne colour instead. The look.jpg

Style it right:

Wear a pink or pastel shade of lip colour to play up the eyes. White eyeliner works best when you team it up with a funky outfit.

 -Sayanti Banerjee

Photo credit: Sanifa Dias