16 things to do before it’s 2016!!!

While the whole world is gearing up to make and follow resolutions in the coming year, you can get started now. Here are sixteen things that you can do before bidding good bye to 2015 and feel wow!

#16 Sort your cupboard and rediscover your party clothes.
#15 Undo the mess at your work station n decorate.
#14 Draw up an ‘I Want to’ wish-list for the last few days of the year.
#13 Keep to your fitness plan before you gorge on those yummy calories.
#12 Detox your mind by meditating for just 5 minutes before you go to bed.
#11 Get that hair cut you always wanted.
#10 Go over-the-top OTT with makeup if required to experiment with colours.


16 things to do before it’s 2016!!!

#9 Make a list of those ‘Sorry’ n ‘Thank you’ that have been pending for long…
#8 Play Santa and give gifts to all those you care for.
#7 Fill your 2016 planner with +ve ‘I will’ resolutions instead of –ve ‘I won’t’ ones…
#6 Watch every movie that released this year but you missed for some reason so far…
#5 Pamper yourself with a spa massage?
#4 Sign up for a hobby class that you wish to attend in new year.
#3 Plan that ‘dream holiday’ that you can look forward to in 2016.
#2 Party each day, just the way you want!!!
#1 Live up each day of 2015 before it’s 2016!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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