Have you shopped for your party dress yet?

It’s going to be New Year’s Eve in just 3 days!!! So what are you waiting for…
Retail therapy is always a pleasure but if you don’t know what to shop for, that might lead to some stress.
Here are the trends that you can watch out for as you buy that WoW dress to step in style from 2015 to 2016…

Body type: They can make any girl look pretty. But depending on the body shape, you need to play around with the ruffles. Those who are heavier on the upper body should keep the ruffles up to the bottom half of the body only. If you are heavier on the bottom, then, wear ruffles around the neck, chest and sleeves but avoid the lower body from the waist.
What’s best: The rosette motifs are delicate and add a feminine grace to the body.
Colours: Floral shades, specially that of rose looks beautiful for a winter evening.

Body type: Suits all body types and can camouflage the bulges quite effortlessly.
What’s best: The vertical strands of threads create an optical illusion by adding length to the body and making you stand tall and lean.
Colours: Opt for beige, matte gold or silver that has a hint of shine as well.

Body type: Bling reflects light and can draw attention to your figure. So if you are confident to go bold and beautiful, wear an all-sequin dress. If you wish to play safe, then go for a mix and match of sequin and solid colours depending on which part of your body you wish to accentuate or hide.
What’s best: They add a dazzling effect to your look and you can go without accessories if you wish. It’s perfect for making a fashion statement this party season without going over-the-top.
Colours: The metallic shades are out now so pick a pop colour to keep your look fun and quirky.

Go shopping this Monday evening for a change and make it wow. It is the last one of 2015 so better not feel the blues today!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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