What’s in your gym bag?

While a good workout session will help you shape up and stay fit, a smart gym bag when packed with the right products makes a huge difference to the way you look post exercise. Here are the 5 must-haves that will keep you going.

As you sweat it out, there is water loss that takes place from your body. You need to replenish it as much as possible.

  1.   Use Kaya wipes to gently remove the sweat from your face and keep the skin well hydrated.
  2. The dry shampoo comes handy to absorb all the grease from the scalp and Powder Bluff from Kérastase can be your gym buddy.
  3. The Wonderchef bottle not only looks good but is of superior quality to keep your drinking water safe and pure. So you can keep sipping as often as you feel thirsty.
  4. Use a good face-wash like Face Cleansing Balm from SPA CEYLON to keep your facial skin glowing.
  5. Ensure to clean your hands with a mild Klenza Alcohol-free hand sanitizer to stay away from germs.

With this mix and match, keep things stylish as you maintain a good health and hygiene.

-Sayanti Banerjee

Thursday evening = Happy mid-week?

We are already in the middle of the second week of January now. So it might feel like back in the grind and repeating the same old routine.

But you can plan Thursday better to refresh your mood. Simply go for a mid-week outing with friends, family or dear ones and feel wow.

Here are the 5 reasons why a new place like the Mediterra in Bandra is worth a visit…

1. The exotic yet home-style bread platter along with dips is complimentary! It is like pampering at its best!!!
2. The non-veg platter has a wide variety of meats and fishes to choose from.
3. The thin-crust pizzas are freshly baked and you can mix and match the toppings the way you wish.
4. Most of the dishes are cooked in olive oil which make them healthy as well.
5. The roof-top dinning option at  Mediterra is a mood-lifter in itself. The soft music and the tea lights spell romance, even when you choose to spend your ‘me-time’ there, over a mocktail…

Time to make that ‘Happy Difference’ to your mid-week, this evening?

-Sayanti Banerjee

Work a hat @work?

When at work, you cannot experiment too much with your look. But you can surely change a few things fashionably to make your own style statement.


Wearing a hat to work can be an interesting option.

>Add this piece of accessory to your winter wardrobe and look wow. It is easy chic and you just need to pull off this style with oodles of attitude.

>You can try a few warm and trendy colours like beige, plum or purple hues. They work perfectly for the current season as seen on the ramp.

Bring on your feminine charm with chic, round  hats and make heads turn effortlessly?

-Sayanti Banerjee

First Monday of 2016…

What’s on your agenda? Daydreaming might be a good way to get started but do keep some coffee by the side and a new diary to put them down as your wish-list for 2016…

You can put down all the things that you wanted to do last year and got carried forward as well as all the new things to do this year …


5 WoW resolutions worth making:

 1. Fitness resolutions:

 When you bargain with yourself to keep to a 80% diet and exercise plan, 20% you can cheat…That’s cool right?

 2. Beauty resolutions:

 Look good and feel great? It is the easiest way to be happier. What not try new makeup and hair trends to look and feel wow everyday?

 3. Fashion resolutions:

Revamp your wardrobe with everything that you ever wanted to wear. If you keep to your fitness resolution, then you can do so easily. Motivating right?

 4. Work resolutions:

If apps get upgraded, so can you. Bring on your best version with whatever it takes. It’s time to be a game changer?

 5. Fun resolutions:

This can be a list of whatever excites you as a hobby. So far you might have been staying away from it with an excuse that there’s no time, but hey –

Life is about the Now!

Live it up!!!


-Sayanti Banerjee