First Monday of 2016…

What’s on your agenda? Daydreaming might be a good way to get started but do keep some coffee by the side and a new diary to put them down as your wish-list for 2016…

You can put down all the things that you wanted to do last year and got carried forward as well as all the new things to do this year …


5 WoW resolutions worth making:

 1. Fitness resolutions:

 When you bargain with yourself to keep to a 80% diet and exercise plan, 20% you can cheat…That’s cool right?

 2. Beauty resolutions:

 Look good and feel great? It is the easiest way to be happier. What not try new makeup and hair trends to look and feel wow everyday?

 3. Fashion resolutions:

Revamp your wardrobe with everything that you ever wanted to wear. If you keep to your fitness resolution, then you can do so easily. Motivating right?

 4. Work resolutions:

If apps get upgraded, so can you. Bring on your best version with whatever it takes. It’s time to be a game changer?

 5. Fun resolutions:

This can be a list of whatever excites you as a hobby. So far you might have been staying away from it with an excuse that there’s no time, but hey –

Life is about the Now!

Live it up!!!


-Sayanti Banerjee

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