What’s in your gym bag?

While a good workout session will help you shape up and stay fit, a smart gym bag when packed with the right products makes a huge difference to the way you look post exercise. Here are the 5 must-haves that will keep you going.

As you sweat it out, there is water loss that takes place from your body. You need to replenish it as much as possible.

  1.   Use Kaya wipes to gently remove the sweat from your face and keep the skin well hydrated.
  2. The dry shampoo comes handy to absorb all the grease from the scalp and Powder Bluff from Kérastase can be your gym buddy.
  3. The Wonderchef bottle not only looks good but is of superior quality to keep your drinking water safe and pure. So you can keep sipping as often as you feel thirsty.
  4. Use a good face-wash like Face Cleansing Balm from SPA CEYLON to keep your facial skin glowing.
  5. Ensure to clean your hands with a mild Klenza Alcohol-free hand sanitizer to stay away from germs.

With this mix and match, keep things stylish as you maintain a good health and hygiene.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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