V for Velvety…

Wear Velvety chic makeup on Vday!

Is he taking you out for coffee or dinner or both? This Vday look your best with velvety makeup and be WoW. Here’s how to do it effortlessly like a pro:

DAY chic


Highlight: The skin needs to look flawless and glowing to make the face pretty instantly.
Face: Use a cream based foundation that blends in well.
Cheeks: Enhance your cheekbones with a highlighter and add a hint of colour with peach-pink blush.
Eyes: Apply a champagne shade of eyeshadow on the upperlids and brush out the lashes with two coats of mascara to open up the eye beautifully.
Lips: Define your pout with a rosy pink lip colour.
Hair: Wear the hair in soft and sexy beach waves.

Highlight: The eye makeup needs to have a velvety finish.
Face: Apply a primer and a concealer before wearing foundation. Let it settle and fix the base with compact.
Cheeks: Add a warm pink to sculpt the cheekbones.
Eyes: Define the upper eyelids with gel eyeliner and extend the classic wings with a contemporary twist. Go as thick as the middle of your eyelids and give a miss to eyeshadow. Wear false eyelashes to add drama and brush them out with oodles of mascara.
Lips: A coral pout will complement the eye makeup perfectly.
Hair: Keep the hairstyle simple yet elegant. Let a sleek and sexy side bang sweep across the face while you let the lenghth glide over your shoulder on one side.

Let me know which look worked for you today and what your Valentine had to say…
-Sayanti Banerjee

Makeup n Hair: Jean Clause Biguine Salon &Spa

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